Merging behavior and brain activity for enhanced research insights

Merging behavior and brain activity for enhanced research insights

November 7, 2023

Noldus IT announces partnership with advanced neurotechnology company Bitbrain

As a leading provider of tools and solutions for behavioral research, Noldus is proud to announce a collaborative integration that brings together the capabilities with Noldus' comprehensive software and analysis system The Observer XT and Bitbrain's state-of-the-art wearable dry-EEG headset Diadem. This innovative union facilitates a comprehensive exploration of human behavior and neural dynamics, offering researchers a seamless way to combine behavioral data with real-time neural insights.

The combination of The Observer XT and the 12 channel Diadem allows researchers to synchronize behavioral observations with neural data, enabling practical applications such as cognitive load assessment, user experience studies, neuromarketing research, and more.

Monitoring the real-world

Bitbrain® utilizes neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and hardware to create innovative products with a strong emphasis on enhancing customers' lives through real-world applications and research. With their practical hardware, prioritizing customer convenience, speed, simplicity, and reliability, Bitbrain brings mobile, wireless, and ergonomic designs that are easy to set up and deliver exceptional signal quality into Noldus observational lab solutions.

Bitbrain  EEG wearable 12 channels

Multimodal research

With neuroscience and psychology research, we strive to achieve a more profound comprehension of behavior, brain, and mind. Through the recording of behavioral and physiological responses to specific stimuli and situations, researchers can reconstruct and analyze the cognitive processes and information utilization within our brain.

Comprehensive analysis

The synergy between The Observer XT and Diadem enables researchers to correlate intricate behavioral nuances with real-time neural patterns. This opens doors to a deeper comprehension of cognitive processes and emotional dynamics.

Uncovering Correlations

The combination of both tools effectively eliminates the complexities associated with managing separate datasets, uncovering hidden correlations between behavior and neural responses, and revealing novel perspectives for exploration.

Efficiency and Simplification

Through synchronized data collection and analysis, researchers can streamline and simplify their workflow. The integrated solution seamlessly accommodates various experimental designs, providing flexibility to tailor the approach to different research objectives in psychological research, human factors, biomedical engineering and consumer neuroscience.


With the powerful visualization of the Behavioral and neural data, researchers can construct visual narratives that vividly highlight connections and trends.

Bitbrain behavioral and neural data visualization

Assessing emotional and cognitive states

Besides the raw data, the Diadem provides Alpha, Beta, Theta, and Delta Rhythms for each of the 12 channels. These “brain waves” can glean important insights about brain functions as:

  • In healthy, awake adults' alpha waves occur while resting with the eyes closed. They disappear when there is concentration on a specific task.
  • Beta waves are involved in conscious thought and logical thinking and tend to have a stimulating effect.
  • For cognition studies including learning, memory, and spatial navigation, theta waves are relevant.
  • Delta waves are the slowest recorded brain waves in human beings. Related to sleep depth. 

Bitbrain and The Observer XT combination

Aligning expertise for user-friendly solutions

Bitbrain's expertise in neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and hardware aligns perfectly with our commitment to delivering top-notch products and services that make our customers' lives easier. Together, we are dedicated to creating convenient, efficient, and user-friendly solutions that positively impact the lives of those we serve.