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BCI Field Lab

In this field lab project, the partners will develop innovative new technologies related to brain-computer-interaction (BCI). The lab will be hosted by the BMS Lab of the University of Twente and it is the intention that the development occurs in such a way that other partners can join and use the facilities. The development will be centered around three use cases:

  • Mental workload — We will develop new techniques for measuring the mental workload, behavior and stress of people working in a complex stressful situation so as to be able to maximize their performance and minimize their stress. We will use fNIRS and a variety of other sensors, combined with sensor fusion and analyzed with AI technology.
  • Interactive screen — The content on the screen will be adapted according to the mental workload of the users so that when it is too high, the screen only shows the most important information so that the user can focus on the key elements.
  • Human-machine interaction — We will measure the synchronization of brain activity in a complex Command & Control system so that teamwork psychological parameters such as trust and cooperation can be estimated.Interaction between both the people with each other and people with the system will be measured.

More information

To find out more, or if you think Noldus might be a good partner for your consortium, you can contact us directly.


  • Thales (project leader)
  • Noldus Information Technology
  • Artinis Medical Systems
  • VidiNexus
  • University of Twente (BMS Lab and Data Science Group)


This project is funded by the project partners and the European Funds for Regional Development.

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