Breaking habits for the better

Breaking habits for the better: Behavioral change towards more sustainable foods

Food choice is largely driven by habits, and habits are difficult to break. This fact hampers the transition of current food choices into a new and .preferably more sustainable and healthy direction.  Knowledge about how food habits are formed, and under which circumstances they can be changed is needed in order to help consumers change their diet towards more sustainable foods. Therefore,  the  aim  of  this  project  is  to  develop  a  validated  research method that facilitates the development of new and reformulated (sustainably sourced and produced) food products that can help to radically change existing food habits (e.g. from a meat to a plant-based diet) or generate new food habits (e.g. by replacing regular-salt products with reduced-salt products).

Role of Noldus

Noldus provides expertise, consultancy and equipment to assist in the development and validation of new methods for measuring consumers' choice behavior. 


The following partners participate in this project:

  • Unilever R&D (project leader)
  • Wageningen University Reseach, Food & Biobased Reseach department
  • Noldus Information Technology
  • Kikkoman Europe R&D


This project is funded by the Dutch government (Topsector Agri&Food, project AF-17005) and by the partners.

Topsector agri&food

More information

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