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This project will develop the next generation of wrist-worn wearable devices which will be able to measure movement  and physiology much more accurately and with more parameters than currently possible. For instance, the devices which are now on the market can measure heart rate, but are not able to measure more detailed parameters of the blood flow and cardiac system.  In this project, new hardware will be developed which will enable cardiology departments of hospitals to measure the recovery of their patients 24/7 in their own homes. Noldus will develop a software platform for researchers such as psychologists, consumer scientists, and human-machine interface researchers using these devices and also validate a number of research use cases.

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More information

To find out more, or if you think Noldus might be a good partner for your consortium, you can contact us directly.


This is part of a larger international project, in which The Netherlands, Turkey and Belgium have got funded. The Dutch consortium consists of:

  • Philips WeST (part of Philips Research), project leaders
  • Catharina Hospital, Eindhoven
  • Eindhoven University of Technology
  • Noldus Information Technology


This project is funded by the project partners and national governments as part of the ITEA-3 program.

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