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Research on rodents

Behaviorally characterizing an animal model of disease is crucial to verify disease symptoms or other phenotypes which can be achieved through experimental interventions such as drug administration, genetic manipulation, or disease modelling. 

Rodents are an ideal model of human diseases and are widely used in test batteries where the animal’s motivation, locomotor activity, startle reflex, anxiety, fear response, social behavior, learning, memory, and other emotional and cognitive traits are investigated. 

Dysfunctions in these behaviors are used to infer structural and functional changes in the brain, and the recovery of performance on these tests is used to evaluate the effectiveness of potential therapeutics.  

Noldus offers a wide array of solutions for behavioral research in rodents. As experts in (behavioral) neuroscience we can help you to advance your research.

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Research on Rodents


Applications for rodent video tracking
Rodent video tracking

For objective data collection, video tracking software is a must.

Applications for home cage & welfare monitoring
Home cage & welfare monitoring

Testing animals in their home cage has several key advantages: it eliminates stress of new surroundings and allows for longer testing periods, for example.

Applications for anxiety, fear & depression
Anxiety, fear & depression

Many psychiatric illnesses are depression- or anxiety-related disorders. Behavioral tests with rodents are crucial to get insights on the underlying mechanisms and eventually find new treatments.

Applications for 
rodent gait analysis
Rodent gait analysis

Gait analysis: the study of animal locomotion to learn more about several neurological disorders and lesions.

Applications for cognition & memory
Cognition & memory

Cognition and memory studies are invaluable in research areas such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Huntington’s disease.

Applications for Social interaction test
Social interaction test

The study of social interaction can be done in a variety of set-ups, all having one thing in common: the study of behaviors between two or more animals.

Applications for emotion analysis
Novel object recognition test

Novel object recognition is a highly validated test for recognition memory.

Applications for optogenetics

Optogenetics is a method to specifically activate or even inhibit small groups of neurons with light.

Applications for fear conditioning
Fear conditioning

Fear conditioning and other learning tasks in rodents are typical in a wide range of studies, including neuropharmacological studies.

Applications for seizure detection
Seizure detection

Several types of seizures are studied preclinically to investigate origin, neurological pathways, and possible treatments.

Applications for Ataxia & Cerebellar function
Ataxia & Cerebellar function

Ataxia is a lack of coordination in movement. It can have a variety of causes and is a symptom of a range of disorders.

A selection

Our products

  EthoVision XT

EthoVision XT

EthoVision XT is the most widely applied video tracking software that tracks and analyzes the behavior, movement, and activity of any animal.

  CatWalk XT

CatWalk XT

CatWalk XT is a complete gait analysis system for quantitative assessment of footfalls and locomotion in rats and mice.

  Mazes and open fields

Mazes and open fields

We offer a wide range of mazes and open fields for your standard tests. Custom-built and high quality.



PhenoTyper is an instrumented observation cage to measure and test the behavior of laboratory rodents.

  UltraVox XT

UltraVox XT

Capture the full acoustic spectrum to process and analyze rodent ultrasonic calls and other animal vocalizations.



ErasmusLadder is a complete system for the assessment of motor performance and motor learning in mice.

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"What I love about Noldus Information Technology is the personal attention and service. I am not dealing with a website or a call center in a remote country but with people whom I know by name, and who provide advice and on-site support during periodic visits."

Prof. Dr. D. Pollak |University of Vienna, Austria

Free e-book

Basic behavioral neuroscience in rodents

Want some more literature on the basic (behavioral) neuroscience in rodents? Download our free e-book. In this guide we explain why and how we investigate specific types of behaviors. Our goal is to help you advance your research by providing high quality products and accurate information at a high level. 


Customer succes story

Dr. Thomas Prévôt from the University of Toronto is developing a new tool to assess anxiety-like and depressive-like behavior in rodents, in order to understand the underlying mechanisms of chronic stress exposure and how it changes either behavior but also molecular and cellular pathology, to mimic the human depression.


Blog post: 3 ways to use rodent gait analysis in CatWalk XT

CatWalk XT has been used for gait analysis in multiple studies and has helped experimental procedures for a number of neurological disorders and in lesion models. The great benefit of this gait analysis system is that it lets mice walk freely without being forced.

In this blog we’ll tell you about three studies where the CatWalk XT gait analysis has been of great help.

CatWalk XT footprints and rat catwalk in the back

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