Zero maze

The elevated zero maze is an alternative to the elevated plus maze. Instead of four arms, it provides continuous circle with two open quarters and two closed off quarters. It is based on the same principles as the elevated plus maze but lacks the central point, giving the animal a smoother transition from closed to open spaces. This way the transition occurs more spontaneously. 

Like the plus maze, the zero maze is used to test anxiety versus exploratory behavior. 

Maze options

The zero maze is divided into four quadrants, two are closed off by walls, the other two are open. Several dimensions are used in literature. At Noldus, we offer high-quality zero mazes, either custom built to your preferences, or standardized. There is always something to suit your research needs and budget. Of course, all mazes are perfectly suited for video tracking research with EthoVision XT or in-depth behavioral scoring with The Observer XT.


Noldus can always offer a custom maze build to your specifications. In addition we have preferred suppliers such as Maze Engineers and Ugo Basile. Please notice that availability of the mazes from different manufacturers may differ based on your location. 

Benefits and design features

Although the basic design of an elevated zero maze is similar across manufacturers, some have specific design features that might be beneficial for your study. Maze engineers, for example, offer optional doors and increased wall-height. 

More information

To request more information, such as dimensions and options, please contact us. We would be happy to talk to you about which maze would suit your study best!