A new customer story: Behavioral Analysis Facility of the University of Rouen (Service Commun d’Analyse Comportementale)

Dr. Jean-Claude do Rego and Dr. Jean-Luc do Rego explain that The Behavioural Analysis facility is a research infrastructure, for life science, which allows to evaluate the behavioural and functional activities of new pharmacological drugs using diverse functional tests. The facility owns all the necessary equipment to perform precise behavioural tests, including devices developed by Noldus.

A new customer story: The Social Media Lab of the Universite Catholique de Louvain

This unique lab in Mons, Belgium brings together researchers, students, professionals, and professors from different disciplines (communication, marketing, journalism, computer science, etc.). Together they try to understand the digital world, train themselves in the use of new technology, and learn more and advice about new professional practices. They make use of FaceReader, MediaRecorder, Tobii Eye tracker, and The Observer XT.

World’s largest autism grant will transform research landscape

As one of the partners in an international consortium of 48 other partners from 14 countries Noldus Information Technology will develop a smart baby suit which measures the activities of babies at risk of autism, 24/7 in the home environment and securely transmits the data to the researchers’ lab.


Understanding the digital world at the Social Media Lab

In this unique lab, technology is applied to understanding user experience, behavior on social media, and much more.

Three ways to understand consumer emotions

Many companies are seeking ways to understand consumer emotions in order to predict product acceptability. Here are three ways you could set up your study to assess consumer emotions.

How to characterize complete behavioral phenotypes in a behavioral analysis facility

Introducing the Behavioral Analysis Facility. Researchers evaluate the behavioral and functional activities of new pharmacological drugs using diverse functional tests. Learn more about their recent projects.

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EthoVision XT 14

New in this version: adjust the layout of the statistics table (great for easy export!) and copy-paste to quickly create protocols for trial control and data selection.

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Viso 7

Now, with Viso 7, you can set up your AV recordings in advance and automatically start and stop these recordings at a scheduled time, using the new Scheduling Module. Don't worry about starting the session in time manually anymore. Please check out the possibilities!

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The Observer XT 14.2

This release is strongly related to the Viso 7 release and includes amongst others improved labeling of names to avoid duplicates which overall improves the import of videos and markers from Viso into The Observer XT!

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8th European Conference on Sensory and Consumer Research 2018

Noldus is excited to be exhibiting at the 8th European Conference on Sensory and Consumer Research 2018, Verona, Italy. Join us in booth 12 and come and find out what we have to offer for your research!

51. Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft fur Psychologie 2018 

Come visit us at the Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft fur Psychologie (DGPs) to learn more about behavioral research tools and services! We look forward to meeting you in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Pre-Neuroscience 2018 Seminar and Networking event

Please join us in San Diego, Friday 2 November from 3-6 PM! This years’ topic is “Quality in preclinical data: Increasing the robustness and validity of behavioral and physiological testing in animal studies”.

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Facial expression analysis software

FaceReader software is used at over 600 sites worldwide. Emotion data provides crucial insights that allow researchers to explain complex behaviors in greater depth. More and more labs are using this technology in their facial expression research!

Noldus launches new zebrafish website

Zebrafish are still gaining popularity as lab animals - embryos, larvae, and adults. At Noldus we have a wide range of tools for all kinds of behavioral tests for these striped little fish. From software to measure activity, heartbeat, and flow in embryos and larvae, to video tracking the movement of adults in several learning, anxiety, or social behavior paradigms. Now all shown on our new website!

18 Reasons why The Observer XT is the most powerful integration platform

Perform superior behavior recording and analysis by using The Observer XT to keep all your data in sync. More than 20,000 professionals around the world are using The Observer XT for advancing their research. Are you next?

What is Noldus Consulting

Noldus Consulting reveals unconscious consumer behavior by interpreting individual actions. This information is collected via modern technology such as video cameras, eye tracking, and biometrics. Watch the video to learn more!

Morris water maze

A popular test for spatial learning and memory is the Morris water maze. Noldus offers you the perfect tools for this test.


Automatically and non-invasively investigate motor learning and performance in mice with ErasmusLadder. It is especially interesting for researchers that study the cerebellum, cerebellar disorders, and ataxia (e.g. Parkinson’s models). In addition is has been proven useful in mouse models of autism.