About Noldus

Our partner ecosystem

Together with our partners, we create innovative software, hardware, and integrated systems for the measurement and analysis of human and animal behavior. Our open solutions facilitate data exchange and insights discovery, allowing you to make results rapidly and easily available, anytime and anywhere, while safeguarding privacy and security.

In this network of partners, we keep on building new opportunities for your research.

tobii logo

Tobii is the leading provider of eye tracking solutions for research, developing cutting-edge eye tracking technology since 2001. Tobii's goal is to create the most reliable and versatile eye tracking technology in the world, to deliver optimal accuracy, precision and robustness.


Logo biopac

BIOPAC’s high-quality scientific tools for physiology measurement & interpretation enable meaningful discovery anywhere, from anyone. Innovative, modular hardware & software solutions with superior compatibility and world-class service and support.


maze engineers logo

Maze Engineers has a wide range of maze products, from classics, to automated updates. Maze Engineers offers products for many animal model species with products being constructed from high quality materials and with established scientific protocols in mind.


prizmatix logo

Prizmatix offers Ultra High-Power LED light sources for scientific applications. Experts in delivering intense light fiberoptics or free space, Prizmatix offers complete system for In-vivo optogenetics in moving rodents or zebrafish optogenetics experiments.


inscopix logo

Inscopix is decoding the brain for tomorrow's treatments. Inscopix seeks to unlock human potential by developing advanced technologies and quantitative neural circuit-based approaches to understand the brain in health and to heal it in disease.