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Behavior, welfare & health tracking

TrackLab offers 24/7 monitoring of animal behavior in indoor or outdoor environments. This allows you to obtain real-time insights into the activity, welfare, and health of your livestock, zoo animals, or companion animals.

Why you should use TrackLab

  • Rely on highly accurate tracking data for your research.
  • Gain insights into social behavior, place-preference, and many more parameters.
  • Easily access, export, and analyze your data, for individual animals and experimental groups.

Wageningen University
Dairy Campus
Aberystwyth University
Aeres Hogeschool
Hochschule Weihenstephan

Research areas

TrackLab is used for livestock research in various segments such as academic, veterinary, livestock breeding, and more. It is a tag-based system, which means that animals wear tags (collar-based, ear-tags, backpack, etc.) to collect data on their location and movement.

TrackLab for livestock research
TrackLab for zoo animals research
TrackLab for companion animals research

Customer testimonial

"The installation of TrackLab was a success and the whole team present for the installation were pleased with the accuracy and the possibilities of the system."

Aberystwyth University, Wales, UK  |  via Behavioral Research Blog

Indoor and outdoor solutions

The types of tags used in a TrackLab solution depend on the environment. For indoor environments, Ultra-Wideband (UWB) tags are used. For outdoor environment the system is typically based on GPS tags.

TrackLab for indoor tracking
TrackLab for outdoor tracking

Animal tracking system

TrackLab software program

The TrackLab animal tracking system allows you to control recording sessions manually or with a calendar-based scheduling tool. After data collection, you can replay data and use maps, profiles, and heatmaps to visualize your results.

How does TrackLab work?

TrackLab will aid you in the complete process of your work on understanding the indoor spatial behavior in farm animals. TrackLab is useful for researchers in academic institutes, research organizations and R&D of large companies in animal husbandry.

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