Livestock research

TrackLab supports livestock researchers worldwide in various segments such as academic and applied sciences, veterinary research institutes, livestock breeding and genetics, animal nutrition, and pharmaceutical companies. Read more about how TrackLab can benefit your research!

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Indoor and outdoor tracking

TrackLab offers integrated solutions for indoor tracking in barns or research labs, as well outdoor tracking in feedlots and pastures. Both systems are based on the same TrackLab behavior analysis software.

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Tag solutions for livestock animals

We offer various  tag options to suit a range of common livestock animals, for both Ultra-Wideband (UWB) based tracking and GPS-based tracking. All tags are designed and tested to prevent discomfort. We can also provide custom tags (please contact us for more information). Typically, tags are attached to the animal using a collar, harness, ear tag, or backpack.

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TrackLab research steps

  • Automated scheduled data recording
  • Importing and visualizing data
  • Creating user-defined regions and classifiers
  • Real time behavior monitoring
  • Real time statistics
  • Analysis
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Livestock research projects

Noldus plays an active role in multiple leading livestock research projects around the world. These projects evolve around various dimensions in livestock research: breeding and genetics, the reduction of antibiotics, veterinary research, and sustainable pig farming.

Our preferred role is that of a technology partner: we develop tools and methods, and the researchers use and validate them. This way, we can contribute to scientific progress. At the same time, the projects give us an opportunity to develop relevant new technologies - not only for today's mainstream use, but also for tomorrow's needs. For more information on our current projects, visit our research projects page.



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