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Understanding consumption behavior and lifestyle is at the core of consumption research. How does technology influence consumption behavior and lifestyle and how can this technology change behavior? For example, technology such as an eHealth coach, wearable, or a serious game. Furthermore, to what extend is social media or family context influencing eating behavior?

Solutions for Consumption research
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Automatic consumption behavior analysis

For the analysis of behavior that is related to eating and talking, the consumption behavior module is available in FaceReader 9.1 on an experimental basis. This add-on module allows you to analyze the following behaviors:

  • Chewing and intake behavior (biting or sipping)
  • Number of chews and intake events
  • Interaction with food
  • Emotional response to specific food products

Customer quote

"This is an amazing time for us to be able to use machine learning, in terms of capturing how people are responding emotionally to products, but we also are thinking about how that relates to what the brain is doing. 

We've had the privilege of using Noldus software in our laboratory. It augments our traditional sensory evaluation technologies and allows us to try and explore new things"

Prof. S. Duncan|Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA


Include heart rate and heart rate variability

With FaceReader, it is also possible to measure heart rate using RPPG. It is a contactless measurement and provides insight into responses to stimuli, such as food or advertisements.

RPPG measures the variance of red, green, and blue light reflection changes from the skin, as the contrast between specular reflection and diffused reflection.

This technique only requires video recording with a high-resolution camera. It can be beneficial in various kinds of physical, health, and emotional monitoring, such as monitoring of consumers or drivers.

experiment rppg setup Annemieke biopac cameras looking at screen  

Reveal unconscious consumer behavior

Noldus Consulting reveals unconscious consumer behavior by interpreting individual actions.

Immersion in a consumers’ natural environment may spark insights around a product category and how it is used. Unfortunately you do not always have the figures to back this up. Systematic observation and a structural analysis of the usage behavior can support these findings statistically.

Watch the video to learn more about Noldus Consulting.


AV lab facilitates systematic observations

Whether it is in a natural setting such as capturing home use tests on video or in a laboratory at a university campus capturing eating behavior, Noldus helps you design the best research solution.

We've helped researchers around the world integrating data streams into one software package in order to interpret results and make recommendations. 

Technology used in consumer contexts varies from a smart watch to a fit bit, all data can be easily combined with video recordings in order to really understand what is happening.

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How to study sensory science and eating behavior

Prof. Kees de Graaf talks about how to study sensory science and eating behavior. And how software such as The Observer XT helps his team achieve their goals in science.

In the video you see the Restaurant of the Future. This living lab included sensory and physiological laboratories and a real-life lunch restaurant. 

Watch the video to learn more about why he chooses Noldus' tools.



A diverse collection of scientific articles citing Noldus products are published in renowned journals. The following list is only a small selection of scientific publications. Please contact us if you need more reference material. 

  • Bartkiene, E., et al. (2021). The Evaluation of Dark Chocolate-Elicited Emotions and Their Relation with Physico Chemical Attributes of Chocolate. Foods, 10(3), 642.
  • Clark, E.A., et al. (2021). Characterizing consumer emotional response to milk packaging guides packaging material selection, Food Quality and Preference, 87.
  • Wijk, R.A. de, et al. (2021). Reading Food Experiences from the Face: Effects of Familiarity and Branding of Soy Sauce on Facial Expressions and Video-Based RPPG Heart Rate. Foods, 10(6), 1345.


Consumption research and Noldus tools

Observing human behavior in a structured way helps researchers develop and evaluate suitable interventions in order to promote healthy lifestyle and sustainability in general. 

Different research questions can be tackled using for example FaceReader technology which has now been extended with a Consumption Behavior Module. 

Portable or stationary AV labs from Noldus enable researchers to control the context and evaluate product use or gain insight into natural consumer behavior. 

Learn more about how Noldus Technology and Consulting Services can be applied in this research field.


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