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Educational research

Education is all about gaining knowledge about facts, events, values, beliefs, general concepts, principles, etc. Educating people is essentially a social interaction process and relies heavily on communication skills and group dynamics.

On the other hand, training is a way to develop skills, rather than just know about something. Training is based on practical application, it involves hands-on experience and helps people to implement a new system, improve a specific ability, or further their abilities.

Solutions for Educational research

Video feedback tool Viso

More and more video feedback is used in education and training facilities. It continues to prove its effectiveness for both educators and students. By using video and audio recordings in education and training, students and educators can receive, and benefit from, direct feedback.

With Viso®, you can view recordings live or directly afterwards in any preferred location. Because there is no delay in the debriefing, the educator's attention can be completely focused on the learner's behavior. 

Teacher-student interaction

Free white paper

Video feedback in skills education

Discover the 10 reasons why video feedback is essential in skills education. This white paper will show you:

  • what the benefits are for a student’s leaning process
  • what the advantages are for the teacher/training manager
  • practical examples

Download the free white paper and learn more!


Classroom observations

To examine, for example, effective teaching and teacher-student interaction, classroom observations can be used as a technique to gain the desired insights. Using a software tool to observe the questions students ask, how the teacher reacts, and whether the teacher checks if the students understand his explanation, will make the research much easier. It enables to code behaviors accurately, record one or multiple videos, integrate data modalities, and explore the results.

Watch the video to learn more about the use of Noldus' tools for classroom observations.


Customer quote

"We have The Observer XT and MediaRecorder, that allows us to record the training sessions with the future teachers and to score behaviors at the same time."

M. Bocquillon, Ph.D.|University of Mons, Belgium


Educational research topics

Educational research is a systematic and scientific inquiry into various aspects of education. It involves studying teaching methods, learning processes, educational policies, and the overall effectiveness of educational interventions. Educational research is typically video based and carried out in real life situations. Examples of research topics are:

  • Teacher-student interaction
  • Evaluation of teaching methods
  • Classroom dynamics
  • Effectiveness of special education programs
  • Engagement of students
Capture classroom dynamics with The Observer XT

Training teachers to teach

At Virginia Tech, Dr. Tiffany Drape has been working with college students, who are pre-service teachers, and will be going out to teach. 

In this video Tiffany Drape tells us more about recording students as the faculty taught some lessons, recording how they’re responding, and then going through reflection exercises, to see if they can verbalize that.


Interesting publications

A diverse collection of scientific articles citing Noldus products are published in renowned journals each week. The following list is only a small selection of scientific publications in educational studies:


Relevant blogs

10 reasons why AV tool Viso is beneficial for video feedback [INFOGRAPHIC]

10 reasons why AV tool Viso is beneficial for video feedback [INFOGRAPHIC]

Receiving real and honest feedback can be considered as a main source of learning. It will help evaluate your own learning process and identify gaps, which results in better achievements.
Classroom observations including facial expression analysis

Classroom observations including facial expression analysis

Internet and technology usage, including computers, tablets, and mobile phones, has increased exponentially in the past few years.
Why use video feedback in education?

Why use video feedback in education?

By using video and audio recordings in education, students and educators can receive and benefit from direct feedback. The more personal and detailed feedback is, the easier it is for students to relate to.
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