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Dubai's first purpose-built usability lab

Home to some of the world’s most luxurious hotels and tallest buildings, Dubai is increasingly becoming a smart city where technological innovation is key.

User experience experts Digital of Things identified the growing need for good UX in the region and established the UAE’s first purpose-built, state-of-the-art usability testing lab.

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Dubai's first purpose-built usability lab

Together with Noldus, they set up an ultra-modern usability lab, equipped with the most advanced software for user experience testing. Combined with their UX expertise, Digital of Things combine quantitative data with qualitative insights to give clients meaningful and detailed recommendations to make their experience better for their users.


Customer quote

"As one of the fastest growing and most diverse markets in the world, the UAE poses a unique set of challenges and opportunities for companies. With the shift from traditional to digital consumer habits, Digital of Things helps bridge the gap for businesses needing to reach their customers. Noldus Technology had the full suite of user experience technologies including facial analysis, advanced eye tracking and skin response, to give us a clear understanding of how people respond to our client’s touchpoints, and ultimately how to translate into sales."

Brooke Cowling | Co-founder and CMO


Usability lab with advanced tools

The Digital of Things usability lab is a high-tech user testing lab with world class analytical features, including facial expression analysis with FaceReader. Eye tracking tools are used to see what test participants are looking at in real time, and the eye tracking videos are analyzed with FaceReader to tell what emotions customers display when engaging with a brand.

Combined with physiological measurements such as heart rate, skin conductance, and muscle tension, Digital of Things provide their clients with essential information to understand their customers’ behaviors. Whether it is testing the user journey of a software application or e-commerce website, finding the optimal experience of mobile and tablet apps, or interaction with adverts and campaigns, Digital of Things can test a variety of experiences in their lab to show exactly what customers see and give an accurate picture of how people feel about the experience.

Dubai UX Lab

Testing user experience in a home atmosphere

Digital of Things have created a comfortable living room atmosphere so testers feel at home, ensuring reliable results from user testing. Thanks to the one-way mirror, cameras and microphones in each room, testers are observed unobtrusively.

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Digital of Things Lab Dubai

UX on the rise in the United Arab Emirates

Usability tests are not confined to the stationary lab in Jumeriah Lakes Towers. Digital of Things also have a portable lab  which can be set-up in minutes, making it possible to test on-site and allowing usability testing for a broad range of clients.

Next to that, Digital of Things have taken it upon themselves to set the standard for UX in the region by offering UX consultancy and training. Their consultancy work for clients ranges from setting up UX analytics, customer journey mapping and visualizing the ideal customer experience, to user research and competitor benchmarks.

Expert trainers of Digital of Things teach fundamentals of UX to both starters and those who want to up their game.


Customer quote

"With over 200 nationalities present in the UAE, it’s crucial that companies cater to the varied cultures, behaviours and habits. Recently we’ve seen big players enter the market, and when it comes to user experience, the population is no longer as forgiving as they once were. We want to help companies and individuals up their UX game by focusing on user needs and behaviors.

After considerable research, it was clear Noldus Technology was the only option to turn our vision into reality. By delivering a deep-dive into the user experience, Noldus helps us ensure our clients and their services reach the right audiences at the right moment."

Sudipt Shah|Co-founder and CEO

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