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KPN is the largest telecom and IT service provider in the Netherlands. They believe in a society in which communication technology makes life richer, easier, and fuller. KPN wants to be the unifier of that society, for both people and companies. At home, at work, and on the move. KPN truly believes in technology, in the power of communication.

KPN user experience lab

It all starts and ends with the customer

Technology must 'do what it’s supposed to do', and in order to do that, it continuously asks for support and renewal. Therefore, KPN continues to improve, innovate, and invest. They keep conducting research on how new technology can be used as effectively and smartly as possible in order to make daily lives a little bit easier. In this, they involve customers in an early stage of the development of new services, and more often in improving the customer’s journey.

Therefore, this is the perfect moment for the KPN Customer Experience Department to set up a User/Customer Experience Lab (UX/CX Lab). Together with Noldus, they designed a brand new KPN Experience Lab, equipped with the latest technology. The new lab brings down barriers and makes it easy for the employees of KPN to connect with their customers.


KPN Experience Lab living room test participants meeting

Measuring the customer’s journey

The KPN Experience Lab is a multi-functional facility, exclusively built for sessions with customers.

In the back of the observation room there’s a living room with a sofa, two comfortable chairs, and a big screen television. It is furnished to create a “natural surrounding” to let the customers feel at ease. Customers are invited to be seated in front of the television and scroll through the menu of, for example, KPN’s own streaming services, while the researcher asks questions to find out the user’s experience and discuss the latest developments.

In another part of the room, the customer can be seated at a computer screen, where the researchers can discuss and evaluate the usability and interface of the website. Meanwhile, an eye-tracker from Tobii measures the eye movements and the gaze path of the customer.

In front of the one-way-mirror that separates the observation room from the control room, researchers and participants can be seated at a conference table to conduct focus group interviews, debriefing sessions, and presentations.


KPN Experience Lab table chairs meeting room

Powerful software and high tech equipment

Through various techniques, customer insights can be collected. The KPN Experience Lab is equipped with three Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras, a screen capture set-up of the eye-tracker, and a small IP camera for front face recording. The cameras record every movement in the lab, and on the other side of the one-way mirror, researchers can view the scenes live.

All video recordings are managed with Viso, the user-friendly software suitable for audio and video recording, to empower their usability and customer insights research. Viso enables them to annotate the behaviors of the customers, start and stop recordings from a mobile device, and view and edit the sessions live from other rooms in the building.

Already they have experienced that Viso is easy to use and provides quick results. The KPN Experience Lab has started quite successfully; employees enjoy working in the space and are enthusiastic. The lab is fully booked!


Faith in technology

KPN and Noldus have enjoyed working together in building this brand new UX/CX lab. There is confidence that it will contribute to make the services and products of KPN accessible for everyone; anytime and anywhere.

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