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Simulation-based team training

Quality of care and patient satisfaction are becoming important indicators of care quality. Studies have proven that team training in health care improves teamwork processes and can positively impact patient outcomes. 

Therefore, multiprofessional teams from a large obstetric collaborative network in the area of the Máxima Medical Center Veldhoven, The Netherlands, were trained in teamwork skills using the principles of Crew Resource Management (CRM), using Noldus’ technology.

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The best care possible

Máxima Medical Center believes optimal team work is important to provide the best care possible. They envision life-long learning for all caregivers and in order to facilitate medical education, the department of obstetrics and gynecology introduced simulation-based team training with obstetric scenarios. The one-day simulation training for the residents of the emergency department focused on emergency obstetric care in a variety of scenarios, to facilitate residents in obtaining basic obstetric skills and improving confidence in dealing with acute obstetric situations.


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Simulation-based education

In the morning, all residents received lectures on normal labor and delivery physiology, and on possible emergency obstetric situations. In the afternoon, the residents were divided into two groups, the first group participated in the scenario while the second group observed the first group from another room with the video debriefing system. The latter group debriefed the former group on medical skills, communication, teamwork, and leadership, under the supervision of a communication trainer and a gynecologist. Next, they switched roles and repeated the scenarios. 

The residents were very enthusiastic about the educational training. They felt more equipped to deal with obstetric emergency situations in which they are responsible. The residents reported the use of the AV feedback system as great value to the training. Noldus’ technology system is of added value for providing feedback, as it makes the debriefing more effective.


A higher level

Based on the positive feedback from several trainees, Máxima Medical Center trusts that Noldus’ Viso system brings the team training to a higher level. Both trainees and trainers benefit from video recording of the training scenarios, since the system provides the opportunity to evaluate medical skills and non-medical skills in a more objective manner. The video tapes are very illustrative for self-reflection, and sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. 

Furthermore, the non-obtrusiveness of the system allows the performing team to completely focus on the medical scenario, since the trainers (and any other observers, such as colleagues) can monitor the training session from another room. They will plan a team training every week. We believe that improving performance by simulation-based team training of medical teams can really make a difference!


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