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EthoVision XT in education

EthoVision XT is the most validated tool for video tracking in neuroscientific research, and has become the standard tool in many labs and at many universities. That is why teachers of neuroscience-related subjects use EthoVision XT to teach their students about doing behavioral research and using video tracking as a tool. Are you a teacher? You can teach your students about EthoVision XT video tracking, too!


EthoVision XT in neuroscientific education at Groningen University

EthoVision XT can be applied to a wide range of standard studies, and it is easy to learn how to, for example, perform an open field test. Dr. Jocelien Olivier works and teaches at the GELIFES Institute / Groningen University and has been successfully using EthoVision XT to teach her students about behavioral research. Find out how in this video.


Free licenses for educational purposes

If you are a teacher, and a current registered user of EthoVision XT, you can download EthoVision XT’s free trial version for your classroom. Fill out the form and we will send you a download link for the software and your unique license keys. 

Free educational materials

Dr. Jocelien Olivier also provided her complimentary education materials. These include practice videos of rats in open field tests, instructions for a practical, and a lecture with lecture notes. You can also download these for free to use in your classroom!


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Customer quote

"Students really learn how to use this program, and see how we are using it in real life."

Prof. Dr. Jocelien Olivier|University of Groningen, the Netherlands