1. Complete toolbox for measurements on zebrafish embryos and larvae

    DanioScope is the complete toolbox for measurements on zebrafish embryos and larvae. The effect of substances or genetic alterations can be measured on the developing zebrafish embryo. You can analyze a range of parameters: earliest activity of the embryo’s tail, activity of the developing heart, speed of blood flowing through the vein, length and diameters of body parts.

  2. Automated detection

    Automated detection of zebrafish embryos (in chorion) – minimizing manual interference.

  3. Combining multiple measures

    Can handle situations in which the animal slightly moves by combining multiple measures on the animal at the different locations.

    DanioScope morphology
  4. Acquire data in a batch

    Acquire data in a batch from list of videos.

  5. Combine parameters in one single tool

    Combine activity measurements, cardiovascular data, blood flow data and morphometric parameters in one single tool.

  6. Experiment handling

    Experiment handling allows you to maintain all data belonging to one experiment together.

  7. Data selection tools

    DanioScope offers various options for data selection, visualization, and analysis.

  8. Graphical and numerical display

    Graphical and numerical display of the analysis.

  9. Group data

    Group data for analysis over groups. Both numerical as well as graphical.

  10. Re-define thresholds

    Re-define thresholds after data acquisition to fine-tune results.

  11. Export

    Export data and analysis results.

  12. 24/7 support

    Backed up by 24/7 support.

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