18th Annual Meeting of the Society for Personality & Social Psychology 2018

Meet us in booth #10 at the 19th Annual Meeting of the Society for Personality & Social Psychology (SPSP) in Atlanta, Georgia, USA and learn more about our tools for psychology research.


  • Viso®- let us help you set up the best training and education facility there is. Viso is the user-friendly software suite for audio and video recording, debriefing, and playback. It can be installed in multiple rooms and works with 4 IP cameras per room. 
  • The Observer® XT - with this professional software for behavioral observation and video analysis, you can study social interaction processes in great detail. It is the ideal integration platform, think about integrating eye tracking, physiology, facial coding, and more!!
  • FaceReader™ - analyze the following emotions: happy, sad, disgusted, angry, disgusted, scared, and surprised. This innovative software also offers you the possibility to analyze interest, boredom, and confusion automatically.

If you plan to attend the SPSP 2018, we look forward to meeting you in-person. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


Thursday, 1 March, 2018 to Saturday, 3 March, 2018
Atlanta, GA, USA