30th APS Annual Convention of the Association for Psychological Science

We are excited to be a part of APS 2018! This year, it will be held in San Francisco, CA from May 24 – May 27. Don’t miss out on all that we have to offer… take a look below to see some of the ways we can help you with your research!

Lab and Hardware Solutions

Want to expand the scope of your research project? Learn about how our lab solutions can allow you to observe and record behavior either in a stationary lab setting or even on-site with a portable lab

Our labs come fully integrated with software such as Viso, FaceReader, and The Observer XT, and have a wide variety of uses ranging from studies in developmental psychology to usability testing. Enjoy the ease and flexibility of integrating your data seamlessly!

Multi-Room, Multi-Video Recording

Viso is our easy-to-use solution for creating video and audio recordings. Recordings are immediately available for playback and debriefing, and can be made from multiple cameras and rooms simultaneously! Let us help you gain insights into your subjects’ behavior and drive their further growth and performance. 

Observation Made Simple

With The Observer XT, you can collect, analyze, and present your data with efficiency, detail, and accuracy. Your options for coding behavior are limitless, and you can also easily integrate external data such as heart rate, facial expressions, and eye tracking data.

Automatic Analysis of Facial Expressions

FaceReader is the ultimate tool for facial expression analysis, and can automatically analyze six basic facial expressions (happy, sad, scared, disgust, surprise, and anger) as well as neutral, contempt, boredom, interest, and confusion. Its advanced analysis and reporting allow for objectivity in observations, and can quickly provide insight into the effects of different stimuli. 

For more information on these solutions, please visit our website or check out our blogposts! We hope to see you soon!


Thursday, 24 May, 2018 to Sunday, 27 May, 2018
San Francisco, CA, USA