MRMW Europe 2017: Leading the Technology Revolution in Market Research

Noldus is excited to be exhibiting at the MRMW Europe 2017: Leading the Technology Revolution in Market Research, Berlin, Germany. Join us there and get a live demo of FaceReader™, our facial expression recognition software, or let our representatives tell you more about consumer behavior research and data integration. 

How do consumers use your product in their homes? How do you get feedback from your customers to help drive product improvement? The ideal way is to measure consumer behavior in a natural environment.

Noldus Consulting creates solutions that help market researchers uncover respondents’ unique behavioral patterns, as naturally as possible. We recognize the challenges and bring in the knowledge to assist and advice you.

What is Noldus Consulting?

Naturalistic Behavior - Unobtrusive Observation - Expert Analyses

Noldus Consulting assess respondents’ actual behavior to provide insights into product usage, consumer behavior, liking, and more, that go beyond what can be obtained via self-report alone. 

Visit our consulting website to learn more about specific services, our highly trained consultants, and the multitude of tools that we offer.

We look forward to meeting you in Berlin!

Wednesday, 8 November, 2017 to Thursday, 9 November, 2017
Berlin, Germany