UX Insight 2019

Noldus is excited to be exhibiting at the UX Insight 2019 conference in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Join us there and come and find out what we have to offer for your UX research!

Meet Noldus at UX Insight 2019

Capture the user experience with Viso

Viso is the user-friendly software suite for audio, video, and screen capture recording, debriefing, and playback. Your usability testing and user experience research will definitely benefit from this new software suite.

With Viso® you can create synchronized recordings of video, audio, and computer screens in multiple rooms at once. Viso supports you in conducting UX research 

  • through its PTZ cameras – capture the ideas, statements and interactions of the users from multiple angles with remotely controlled cameras
  • with a screen capture set-up – capture the full computer screen to register what a user is doing
  • from anywhere in the network – start and stop a Viso recording from any viewer, even via a web interface on a tablet or smartphone
  • with a searchable database – all sessions are automatically sorted by date and time, and saved to a predefined location

Efficient UX data insights with Cube

Eye tracking data collected during user experience tests is usually visualized into heat maps. Going beyond traditional gaze heat maps used in eye tracking, CubeHX provides rich visualizations of what users actually experience along the entire user journey. Thanks to the triangulation of facial expressions, physical reactions, and eye tracking data, CubeHX provides UX researchers and designers with unique insights on what generates emotion or cognitive load on their interface.

From data collection to insightful results using CubeHX: Prof. Pierre-Majorique Léger tells about user experience research and how to measure users' interactions with technology.

The Observer XT: collect, analyse, and present your observational data

The Observer XT® is the most powerful software tool for behavioral observation and video analysis. The Observer XT facilitates easy integration of eye tracking, physiological, and FaceReader data. Also, with uLog, you can record mouse clicks, keystrokes, and scrolls. Need to ask questions to your participants? Add a survey with your recorded video using the uASQ tool. Get complete insight into the relationships between the experimental conditions, overt behavior, and physiological responses.

FaceReader: software for automatic recognition of facial expressions

Emotion data provides crucial insights that allow researchers to explain complex behaviors in greater depth. Because human assessment of emotions has many limitations and biases, facial expression technology can help to deliver a greater level of insight into behavior patterns.

FaceReader™ is ideal for collecting this data, and helps you to better understand human-human, human-machine, and human-product interactions.

A picture of good quality

Free online demo FaceReader

Curious what emotions your own face shows? In this demo the facial expression of a person is automatically extracted from a single picture. Additionally, FaceReader is capable of extracting some personal characteristics, an age indication and whether a person is wearing glasses or not.

Enter an URL or upload a file and measure your emotions!

Eye trackers

Add substantial power to your lab set up with eye trackers. This advanced technology measures visual attention, mental load, and arousal. See where your participant is looking at! Eye trackers produce gaze path video and large quantities of rich data, all related to attention and emotion.

We look forward meeting you in-person in Utrecht!

Thursday, 4 April, 2019
Utrecht, Netherlands