16th Canadian Neuroscience meeting 2023

Canadian Neuroscience meeting 2023

Join us at the 16th Canadian Neuroscience Meeting! Visit us at booth #5 from the 28th till the 31st May to explore our cutting-edge tools and engage with our expert team to discover how our innovative solutions can elevate your research and enhance your scientific endeavors. Looking forward to connecting with you in Hotel Bonaventure in Montreal!


EthoVision XT

EthoVision XT is our leading video tracking software that allows for many different types of analysis in rodents, fish and many other small species. It saves you time with batch acquisition of track files and gives you the ability to visualize your results with graphs, tracks, and heatmaps.

EthoVision XT has been an widely used and validated tool in behavioral research, and is a trusted piece of software within the scientific community. Using EthoVision XT in your methodology increases your publication power!

EthoVision overview

Catwalk rat courtesy

Automated gait analysis with CatWalk XT

With Catwalk XT you can perform accurate quantification of footprints and gait in unforced moving animals. This system is able to detect real footprints and the associated body weight distribution. 

The CatWalk XT has been validated in research and experimental procedures for several (neurological) disorders and lesions such as spinal cord injury (and other nerve injuries) neuropathic pain, arthritis, stroke, Parkinson’s, Cerebellar ataxia, traumatic brain injury, peripheral nerve damage, and more.

In short the CatWalk XT consists of a corridor with a hardened glass walkway (that enables CatWalk XT's Illuminated Footprints technology) and directs the free movement of your subject in a straight line to facilitate learning and improve reproducibility.

The motion is captured with a high speed color camera and automatically displayed for analysis in the CatWalk XT software 


Zebrafish are wonderful! 

Have you ever seen the DanioVision™ in action?  This is our complete system designed for high-throughput tracking of zebrafish larvae and other small organisms - you can track up to 96 individuals simultaneously! The observation chamber contains a high quality camera, a Fresnel lens for clear non-distorted images and a controllable environment

Take a look inside of the lab of Dr. Jessica Plavicki at Brown University, where she uses the DanioVision system to integrate optogenetics into her research questions aimed at environmental pollutants. 


Hope to see you in Montreal! Remember, you can find us at booth #5. Do you want to meet one of our EthoVision XT and DanioVision product managers? Then make sure to schedule a meeting beforehand! 



28th May to 31st May 2023
Montreal, Canada