University of British Columbia - Centre for Infant Cognition

The Centre for Infant Cognition (CIC), at the University of British Columbia, in Vancouver, Canada, uses analysis tools provided by Noldus for detailed behavioral coding. Noldus’ Media Recorder is used to record study sessions and is installed on multiple online coding stations. The cameras used in their studies are controlled by Media Recorder software, which contains adjustable camera angles offering optimal viewing points. This allows the researchers to fully capture an infant’s eye gaze and body behavior during a study. 

Analyzing infants behavior in detail

Additionally, the CIC uses The Observer XT to record study events, and further analyze this data. It allows them to analyze behavior processes at a very detailed level that could not be obtained manually. More specifically, it is used to look at minute eye gaze changes, hand gestures, and emotions of infants while they are observing a moral dilemma or social interaction, which is usually depicted in a puppet show.

The Centre for Infant Cognition opened in the fall of 2010 at the University of British Columbia by Dr. Kiley Hamlin. It is a part of the Early Development Research Group, and examines infants’ evaluations of moral dilemmas and social interactions. The purpose of their research is to understand how infants reason about their surrounding environment.