Quality in preclinical data: Increasing the robustness and validity of behavioral and physiological testing in animal studies

Pre-Neuroscience 2018  Seminar and Networking event
San Diego, California, USA
November 2, 2018

Impression of the networking event organized by Noldus and EQIPD

Over the last ten years, the scientific community has been dealing with mounting evidence on the challenge of robustness, generalizability and translational value of animal testing in biomedical research. A recently launched project called European Quality in Preclinical Data (EQIPD, http://www.eqipd.org/), funded jointly by the European Commission and major pharmaceutical companies under the Innovative Medicines Initiative, brings together resources from both academia and industry in the EU and USA to create simple, sustainable solutions to facilitate data quality without impacting innovation and freedom of research.

At this event, experts from the EQIPD consortium proposed and discussed possible tools, such as a fit-for-purpose quality management system (QMS), which may incorporate best practices from clinical research to advise on experimental design (e.g. number of animals, blinding and randomization of treatments). Such a QMS should also interact with and manage research instruments such as video tracking and telemetry systems. Several speakers discussed the challenges in reproducibility, requirements for a quality management system, the design of the system, and experiences of users.


  • Opening, welcome by the session chair
  • Why is research quality important? Short pitches from different perspectives:
    • Academic research: Prof. Dr. Hanno Würbel (University of Berne)
    • Pharmaceutical industry: Dr. Isabel Lefevre (Sanofi)
    • Academic core facility: Dr. Bruce O‘Hara (University of Kentucky)
    • Funding agency: Dr. Shai Silberberg (NINDS / NIH)
    • Publishing: Dr. Eric Prager (Wiley)
    • Patients: Dr. Patricia Kabitzke  (Cohen Veterans Bioscience)
  • Introduction to the EQIPD project and the EQIPD Quality Management System: Prof. Dr. Malcolm Macleod (University of Edinburgh)
  • The behavior lab of the future: Dr. Lucas Noldus (Noldus Information Technology)
  • Interactive session (all participants) about the requirements, functionality and acceptance of the Quality Management System.
  • Networking and socializing
Friday, 2 November, 2018
Ale House “Revel Revel”, 868 Fifth Avenue, San Diego, CA, USA