Integrated services for infectious disease outbreak research emergency

ISIDORe project

ISIDORe is an EU-funded project under the Horizon Europe program that unites a multidisciplinary consortium of 17 European research infrastructures to offer integrated services for combatting current and future infectious disease outbreaks. The project provides access to key services to support projects for the study of SARS-CoV-2, its variants and other potential pathogens. It represents a meta-infrastructure project of unprecedented dimensions in the European Research Area and serves as a central instrument in the European R&D response to epidemic outbreaks. 

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The role of Noldus

Noldus will provide services, such as use of its EthoVision product, for measuring animal behavior in the context of the project to the partners. 

More information

To find out more, you can contact us directly or visit the project website (once it is online). If you think Noldus might be a good partner for your consortium, please see here.


The project consortium is made up of 10 ESFRI infrastructures, 6 EU-funded networks and one national surveillance network, coordinated by the research infrastructure ERINHA with a total of 156 project partners from 32 countries.


ISIDORe is funded as part of the EU-Commission´s biodefense preparedness plan, the Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Authority (HERA) Incubator under Horizon Europe.

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More information

Please see the project website.