Long Life Power Platforms for Internet of Things


Buildings are increasingly becoming smarter, with all sorts of sensors and devices. Wireless sensor networks can have all sorts of uses, but also have requirements such as improved battery life and better ease of maintenance. The project has twelve use cases demonstrating technical viability and potential impact such as reducing building energy use, increasing comfort levels and improved component design.

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The role of Noldus

Noldus will cooperate in the Vitality Hub use case. It will develop its NoldusHub product, with the aim of monitoring the welfare of people in the office environment so that the conditions can be optimized for them. 

More information

To find out more, you can contact us directly or visit the project website. If you think Noldus might be a good partner for your consortium, please see here.


The project is led by Contechna SRA and has an international consortium of 46 partners, including Noldus. The Vitality Hub use case is led by Signify.


LoLiPoP is funded by the KDT JU (Key Digital Technologies Joint Undertaking), part of the European Union’s Horizon Europe program (project number 101112286).