Track3D benefits

  1. 3-D tracking

    Provides a more complete description and analysis of flight patterns than two-dimensional coordinate data sets.

  2. Quality

    The full-size, high-resolution video allows you to record the position of the insect with high accuracy.

  3. Cost-effective

    All hardware components are relatively inexpensive, so there is no need to invest in high-end motion capture equipment.

  4. Optimal for presentations

    Besides the numerical analysis capabilities, Track3D helps you create a video clip of the 3D track which you can play back during a conference talk.

  5. X, Y and Z coordinates

    The calibration software analyzes a picture of the test chamber provided with markers to reconstruct the X, Y and Z coordinates from the raw data

  6. Accurate detection and tracking

    Highly accurate detection and tracking of small animals, with high spatial and temporal resolution. Note: error-free detection requires sufficient contrast between animal and background, e.g. by using a wind tunnel of IR-absorbing material to avoid reflection of light

  7. Visualization of tracks

    Option to zoom in and out of the 3D trajectory. The odor plume can be visualized (relevant for wind tunnel studies). Data points can be plot in different colors and the image around the X, Y or Z axis can be rotated to change the view point. The 3D plot can be saved for reports or presentations or a video of the animated 3D track can be created.

    Track3D system description fig

    A Track3D set-up

  8. Track analysis

    2D analysis can be done using EthoVision XT while 3D analysis can be done in Track3D to calculate movement in three dimensions. The results can be exported in Excel formalt and the 3D track charts in picture format (JPG, PNG, BMP).

  9. Get help whenever you need
    You can contact our excellent customer support services worldwide and 24/7.

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