TrackLab for companion animal research

Though it is designed for research, TrackLab is also an excellent tool to study the behavior of companion animals. It can be used to gain insights into social behavior, anthrozoology (human-animal interaction), and in the context of the animal nutrition industry (feed product testing).

Indoor and outdoor tracking

Tracklab is a tag-based tracking solution, meaning animals wear a tag to monitor their location and movement. For companion animal research, indoor and close-range outdoor tracking are typically based on Ultra-Wideband tags and a sensor network. For large area outdoor tracking of companion animals, we can provide custom solutions.

Tags for companion animals

There are many ways to equip companion animals with our tags. For example, tags can be collar-based or located in backpacks, but other (custom) options are available.

The optimal solution depends on the type of research you want to perform, as well as the desired sample frequency, desired battery lifetime, etc.

TrackLab research steps

TrackLab guides you through the logical steps of your research:

  • Automated scheduled data recording
  • Importing and visualizing data
  • Creating user-defined regions and classifiers
  • Real time behavior monitoring
  • Real time statistics
  • Analysis

Find more information about data visualization and analysis here.

Companions animal tracking research

Are you interested in doing companion animal research with TrackLab? Contact us for more information!