Computer, video, and data acquisition systems

Noldus is known for the wide selection of computer components that comprise our field of proven hardware set-ups. We are continuously striving to help you achieve your research goals by offering turn-key solutions. Our knowledge and experience in video observation will help you conduct your observations, even under the most challenging conditions.

Preferred suppliers

All our solutions are assembled using Class A equipment without losing the price-quality ratio out of our sight. By working withwell-known manufacturers, we ensure longtime support and, if needed, replacement of parts. We are always looking for the latest hardware innovations to keep  our solutions in pace with ongoing technological developments. The following is a list of just some of our preferred suppliers:

  • Dell computers and laptops
  • Basler Vision Technologies
  • Euresys frame grabbers and machine vision
  • Data Sciences International
  • Axis IP Cameras
  • Microsoft Lifecam
  • Samsung tablets


MediaRecorder is compatible with a wide variety of high quality, industrial cameras, such as analog cameras, FireWire camera’s, USB3 cameras, IP cameras, and GigE cameras. Each camera has its own advantages, which means that there is always a solution that meets your needs. With special video cameras you can even record video up to 100 frames per second. The timer includes seconds and milliseconds.


Our software products can be used on various different hardware platforms such as desktop computers, laptops, and handheld devices (PDA, Psion Workabout Pro, and some smart phones). Handheld devices are ideal for live scoring of animals in the field. Depending on your needs we can customize a set-up to be rugged, wireless, remote controlled, portable, stationary, or adapted to any other type of environment.


Are you looking for tools that will make coding more efficient and help prevent coding errors? We offer an entire range of keyboards to make observing and logging of behaviors and positioning and controlling of videos much easier. Select the keyboard that suits your needs best and discover how it enables you to score more accurately and effectively.

Code behaviors fast

We take care of installation of the complete solution and assist you in programming the keyboards in order to achieve the best performance for your application.

  • Coding becomes easier and more accurate.
  • Reduction of coding errors by limiting faulty key presses.
  • Customizable keyboard to your preferences.
  • Usable keyboard for both coding and video analysis. 


  • The keyboards are multifunctional: you can use them as a replacement or in combination with your standard keyboard.
  • Special programming options allow you to set your keys for single or multiple keystrokes, such as code subjects, behaviors, and modifier combinations with one key press. 
  • Control keys permit you to automatically perform software functions such as rewinding videos, starting observations, or changing play speed. 
  • Color or text labels make all your keys unique. 
  • Keypads are available with 15 programmable keys.

Handheld computers

We provide easy to use tablets, suitable for observing animals in their natural habitat. Pocket Observer runs on any handheld device including smartphones, that run on an Android OS 2.2 or higher. The Pocket Observer for Android has many advantages: Behavior of multiple subjects can be scored live, on-site, with a high level of accuracy. The interface of Pocket Observer has been tested and redesigned to make it more intuitive.

Data acquisition (DAQ) systems

We offer various types of Data AcQuisition (DAQ) systems for measuring biometric signals in small or large animal species. Due to our partnerships with many sensometric manufacturers, we can ensure that the hardware we offer is able to measure any parameters you may need.

Event Logging Interface

Automatically sensed behaviors can now be coded live into the data files of The Observer® XT by using the Event Logging Interface (ELI). This innovative tool allows you to replace yourself as the coder, partially or completely, and build your own automated event logging experimental set-up.

  • Reduce event coding time by automating logging of certain events
  • Automatically log switch operated sensors
  • Integrate sensors into your experiments
  • Program the ELI to meet your needs
EL-i Front
The Event Logging Interface can be used to build your own automated event logging experimental set-up.
EL-i Back
You can connect any type of sensor-based switch to one of the input channels. 


  • With the ELI behavior can be logged automatically. You can connect any type of sensor-based switch (voice activated switch, infrared beam, movement sensor, etc) to one of the twelve input channels on the ELI. On activation of this sensor an entry will be made in the event log.
  • Twelve input channels enable you to log different events during an experiment. Each input channel can be programmed to send keystrokes, execute macros, emulate mouse buttons, movements, and scrolls when the attached switch sensor reports a closed (or open) state. Each channel can have two assignments due to double command layer functionality. Active command layers can be toggled by one of the inputs or through the installed software. This enables you to log 23 different types of events during an experiment.