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Knowing what your targeted market wants, needs, and beliefs, and discover why and how consumers use a product or website or why they have decided not to buy or use it, is what you need as a company in a strong competitive community. Market research provides answers to these important questions. How can you collect these answers?

As experts in the field of market research and data integration, we recognize the challenges and bring in the knowledge to assist and advice you. Our solutions help market researchers uncover respondents’ unique behavioral patterns, as naturally as possible.


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Understanding Consumer behavior

People tend to say one thing, while their behavior suggests something completely different. Because most of the information they gather is processed in the subconscious of the human brain

With our tools, we can turn these subconscious thoughts into meaning. Moreover, our consultants have advanced degrees in the behavioral sciences, which provides a unique ability to uncover behavioral patterns and turn them into actionable results.


Noldus toolkit for market research

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Customer quote

FaceReader is a good instrument helping to detect emotional reactions on commercials besides what people say.

Mr. H. Bolle|Panteia, The Netherlands


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Emotions in market research

Assess emotions online or in a lab with FaceReader™, the unique software for automatic analysis of facial expressions. With the online application, you can invite participants from all over the world! In addition, the software provides you with information about head orientation, gaze direction, action units, and person characteristics. A real-time representation of the circumplex model of affect describes the distribution of emotions in a 2D circular space, containing arousal and valence dimensions.


Eye tracking technology

Often eye tracking technology is used to gather information about attention. We are an authorized reseller of several eye tracking systems, including stationary and head-mounted systems. Head-mounted eye trackers in particular are suitable for recording behavior in a natural environment, such as buying or choosing behavior in a store. Desktop eye trackers are extremely suitable to record eye movements of your test participant. Show an advertisement, commercial or poster and see exactly where your test participant is looking.

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CCS-NeuroLab Educational research


Emotion theory suggests that physiological reactions underlie changes in overt emotional responses. Record a variety of psychophysiological signals for neuromarketing and neuroeconomics applications that require a study of consumers’ sensorimotor, cognitive, and affective response to marketing stimuli or decision making tasks. Record:

  • Brain activity
  • Heart rate
  • Galvanic Skin Response

Interesting publications

Please find a list of selected publications in market research below.

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  • Neomániová, K.; Berčik, J & Pavelka, A. (2019). The Use of Eye‑Tracker and Face Reader as Useful Consumer Neuroscience Tools Within Logo Creatio. Acta Univ. Agric. Silvic. Mendelianae Brun., 67, 1061-1070. 
  • Teixeira, T.; Wedel, M.; Pieters, R. (2012). Emotion-Induced engagement in internet video advertisements. Journal of Marketing Research, vol. XLIX, 144-159.
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