Why triangulate?

What is triangulation? Triangulation allows for the integration of multiple data points by using more than one method for data collection. Why this is interesting for UX research and customer journey mapping?

Triangulation enables UX professionals to determine a single point in time from where the convergence of measurements taken from two or more distinct points intersect. Thanks to triangulation, UX researchers get to know a significant amount more about what is happening to their users at any given point along the customer journey.

How Cube triangulates data

CubeHX is a cloud-based software platform that enables the triangulation of human physiological and behavioral data for faster and richer insights. Data from several data sources is collected and combined into one interface. Thanks to the triangulation of facial expressions, physiological reactions, and eye tracking data, CubeHX provides UX researchers and designers with unique insights on what generates emotion or cognitive load on their interface.

CubeHX delivers these insights almost instantly, allowing customers to quickly access accurate data on user interaction with their product or service. Using machine learning to generate emotional and cognitive indexes, CubeHX maps these AI based measures onto valuable visualization tools. This allows for more insights into users’ various emotional states while using interfaces.

Cube generates emotional heatmaps

A traditional gaze map vs. an emotional heatmap generated by CubeHX from triangulated data

Results you get from a traditional gaze map:

  • Where are they looking
  • How long are they looking

Results you get from an emotional heatmap generated by CubeHX:

  • Where are they looking
  • How long are they looking
  • Emotions while looking (Anger, Sadness, Valence, etc.)
  • Arousal / Stress while looking
  • Cognitive load while looking
  • Attention / Motivation while looking
Cube heatmaps

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