9 reasons why you should use EntoLab

  1. Up to 90% reduction in time and costs of screening!

    EntoLab has shown to deliver more accurate and more detailed insight in the behavior of herbivorous insects on different plant genotypes, with up to 90% reduction in time and costs of screening!

  2. Complete hardware and software solution

    EntoLab is an integrated end-to-end solution, including all necessary hardware and software for experiment design, substrate preparation, insect handling, data acquisition, data processing and statistical analysis.

  3. Powered by EthoVision XT: robust and reliable video tracking

    The data acquisition engine in EntoLab is EthoVision XT, the industry-standard video tracking software that has been in continuous development since the 90s and is running in thousands of laboratories around the world. 

  4. High throughput: run up to 300 trials simultaneously

    Data quality in research hinges on sufficient replications and maximum detail in the observation of insect behavior. EntoLab provides up to 300 parallel arenas with individual tracking of behavior.

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  5. Comprehensive data analysis

    EntoLab comes with EthoAnalysis, a software tool specifically designed for the analysis of insect behavior. EthoAnalysis automatically computes >30 behavioral parameters and delivers statistics per hour or qualitatively into a behavior range. This includes unique statistics at event level (average time, distance, speed of movement or pausing events), which are highly informative and discriminative.

  6. Automated recognition of feeding behavior

    EntoLab sees what you can’t see! Its validated pattern recognition algorithms can detect feeding behavior of plant-sucking insects through the overhead video camera without seeing the insect’s mouth parts. This technique is based on the correlation between specific body motion patterns and penetration of the leaf by the stylets and phloem sucking by aphids or whiteflies. 

  7. Discriminative statistics that support the phenotyping process

    Within seconds to minutes (instead of days or weeks with conventional methods), differential behavior statistics are computed (based on minutes to hours of observation) that can be associated with underlying genetic differences or treatments of plants. The software automatically generates a statistical analysis of >30 behavioral parameters as potential indicators of genetic or treatment differences. 

  8. Validated for multiple insect-plant combinations

    EntoLab has been validated in either choice or no-choice assays for different species of plant-sucking insects: thrips, aphids, whitefly, leafhopper and brown plant hopper. The growing number of plant species for which EntoLab has been put to use includes pepper, tomato, water melon, chrysanthemum, white cabbage, lily, lettuce, bitter gourd, rice and maize. EntoLab’s applications are not limited to plant-sucking insects, but also include caterpillars and parasitoid wasps.

  9. Flexible designs, suiting your experimental needs

    Assay plates are designed and produced by us in house. This allows for rapid and low-cost modifications to existing designs, to accomodate your research needs.

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