EntoLab technology

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Screening plants for insect resistance

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Screening beneficial insects

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Recent blog posts


Screening insecticides for efficacy or tolerance

Maarten Jongsma and colleagues use EntoLab to detect changes in insect behavior that provide a sensitive method for identifying and quantifying resistance development. They tested this approach with pyrethrins against aphids.

Screening plants for resistance to insect pests

EntoLab is a computerized system for automated screening of plants for resistance to sucking insects. It can accurately screen many different plant lines in a high-throughput manner.

Identification of an aphid resistance gene in Arabidopsis

Karen Kloth used EntoLab in her research on the genetic basis of plant resistance to aphids. Genome-wide association mapping of aphid behavior on 350 natural Arabidopsis accessions led to the discovery of a new gene.