Book published on T-pattern analysis

25 April 2005

Wageningen - In April 2005 ‘The Hidden Structure of Interaction - From Neurons to Culture Patterns’ was published. The 300-page book contains contributions of 38 scientists, who all used Theme in their research. It gives a broad overview of the work with Theme published so far.

‘Future potential applications of T-patterns are really only limited by the imagination of talented individuals.’
Preface, by Prof. Marcello Fontanesi, Rector Magnificus University of Milan-Bicocca Milan, Italy 

‘The current book intends to show some of the possible applications of Theme, starting from hidden patterns in a population of neurons to cultural patterns passing through the detection of hidden patterns in non verbal communication.’
L. Anolli, S. Duncan JR., M.S. Magnusson, G. Riva, editors

Application areas include human communication, hormone fluctuations, neuronal activity, psychiatric conditions, insect behavior, facial expressions, linguistics, and sports. Theme is currently used in other areas too, such as DNA research, financial analysis, human-computer interaction, and geology. See the Theme page for more information on the software and applications. The creator of Theme, Magnus S. Magnusson comments: 'I think we will hardly get stronger statements ever regarding t-pattern analysis and Theme'.

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Bibliographical information:
Emerging Communication: Studies on New Technologies and Practices in
Communication, Volume 7.

The Hidden Structure of Interaction: From Neurons to Culture Patterns

Edited by: L. Anolli, G. Riva, S. Duncan Jr. and M.S. Magnusson
April 2005, IOS Press, Amsterdam, The Netherlands