Noldus Information Technology teams up with Delta Phenomics

21 March 2008

Wageningen - Noldus Information Technology has entered into a strategic partnership with Delta Phenomics, a new company providing contract research and consultancy services. In doing so, Noldus expands its horizon beyond the development of software and hardware tools to preclinical research services. The new alliance offers unique benefits for customers of both companies. As Delta Phenomics co-founder and CEO Prof. Berry Spruijt puts it: “The close partnership of a leading manufacturer of research tools and an innovative contract research company leads to a ‘dream team’ of scientists and engineers ready to assist our customers.”

At the heart of Delta Phenomics’ services is PhenoMAP™, a fully automated behavioral testing and data analysis platform. This Multidimensional Analysis Platform combines PhenoTyper hardware with advanced software and innovative test protocols. PhenoMAP allows objective collection and sophisticated analysis of behavioral data in a novel paradigm, based on long-term fully automated observation in a home cage environment, avoiding human intervention, animal handling and animal transportation. This approach results in a very rich behavioral data set, bringing to light subtle effects of pharmacological treatment or genetic differences. Delta Phenomics offers behavioral profiling with unparalleled quality and throughput, while maximizing animal welfare.

New opportunities
For pharmaceutical and nutrition companies, the services of Delta Phenomics create interesting new opportunities:

Companies get access to an innovative broad-spectrum screen or a customized test of mutant lines or compound libraries.
Companies who have PhenoTyper systems in place can use Delta Phenomics’ facility to expand their testing capacity on a project basis.
Companies who are considering investing in PhenoTyper systems can contract Delta Phenomics for a pilot study.
Noldus Information Technology is a leading developer of software tools and integrated solutions for behavioral research. Technologies include video tracking, observational data collection, physiological data acquisition, and advanced data analysis. With global headquarters in Wageningen, The Netherlands, the company operates from offices across Europe, the United States, and via a worldwide network of distributors.

Delta Phenomics is a contract research organization in the field of animal behavior. The company provides contract research, consultancy and training services for pharmaceutical and nutrition companies, governmental agencies and academic institutions. Delta Phenomics is based in Utrecht, The Netherlands.