Noldus IT Launches SYBAR 2.0

18 July 2003

Wageningen - Noldus Information Technology is proud to announce the launch of SYBAR 2.0. 
The name "SYBAR" is a Dutch acronym for "system for motion analysis in rehabilitation medicine". The development of SYBAR was initiated some ten years ago by the University Medical Center of Amsterdam (Vrije Universiteit), as a tool for physicians to visualize certain parameters during gait that are not visible to the naked eye.
The solution was the integration and synchronization of video with EMG (muscle activity) and GRF (Ground Reaction Force). This is what SYBAR offers: a complete system for objective clinical motion analysis. The three modalities of motion: kinetics (by looking at the video image), kinematics (forces) and muscle activity (EMG) are simultaneously visualized in SYBAR thanks to an integrated combination of software and hardware. As a result, a more accurate diagnosis is possible and therefore a better treatment, which is also cost and time efficient.
SYBAR is especially valuable as a tool in clinical settings where an objective insight in the progress of therapy is needed and where significant decisions for therapy or surgery are to be taken.