FOCOM: New technology for measurement of product perception and choice behavior

14 May 2012

Noldus Information Technology has joined a public-private partnership with the aim to develop innovative new technology for the measurement of visual product perception, choice and eating behavior. The FOCOM project, short for “Food Cognition Model systems”, bundles the scientific and technical expertise of three Dutch universities, four high-tech companies, a large food industry and two food research firms.

Noldus installs state-of-the-art observation equipment in simulation room for nuclear power plant and reactor operations

28 February 2012

Noldus is proud to have installed a high-tech simulation room which facilitates unobtrusive observations of Nuclear Power Plant and Reactor Operations. The Center of Safe and Secure Nuclear Energy (CSSNE), which focuses on research and development (R&D) in nuclear energy and associated workforce development, now uses this simulation room to contribute to safety and security, especially when investigating next generation nuclear power plants. The Center for Advanced Engineering & Research (CAER) is home to CSSNE, all part of the Region 2000 initiative.

Another year, another successful Neuroscience conference for Noldus

13 December 2011

This year, The Society of Neuroscience was kind enough to bring Neuroscience 2011 to our back yard. Just 45 minutes from our US headquarters in Leesburg, Virginia and with the picturesque Washington Monuments as a backdrop, 30,000 Neuroscientists descended upon the DC convention center for this exciting 5 day scientific event featuring the newest breakthroughs and innovations in Neuroscience Research. For Noldus, this meant an opportunity to showcase our tools and solutions as well as participate in several scientific programs throughout the week.

Consortium completes Inside Consumer Experience research project

22 August 2011

Wageningen, The Netherlands, August 2011 – The consortium “Inside Consumer Experience” consisting of four partners - Wageningen UR Food & Biobased Research, VicarVision, Symrise, and Noldus Information Technology – announces the completion of the Inside Consumer Experience Project, also known as the ICE project. After three years of successful teamwork, the consortium can proudly present its results.

SenseWell: Automated Assessment of Health and Wellbeing

21 July 2011

Noldus participates in consortium that integrates sensor technology with brain and cognition research

Wageningen - Noldus Information Technology and sister companies Delta Phenomics and TeleMetronics Biomedical are three of the eight partners joining in the SenseWell consortium, aiming to develop a novel system for the automated assessment of rodents’ wellbeing in a home cage environment.