Successful 7th edition of Measuring Behavior conference

7 September 2010

Measuring Behavior 2010 was successfully held in Eindhoven, The Netherlands from 24 – 27 August 2010. Almost 400 delegates from 34 countries assembled at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven for the 7th international conference on methods and techniques in behavioral research. Together they enjoyed four intense days packed with inspiring keynote lectures, and 200 presentations in symposia, full paper and poster sessions, tutorials, and workshops. Demonstration showcases, two scientific tours to innovative labs, and pleasant social events in the city completed the conference program.

Noldus announces The Observer XT 10 release

20 April 2010

Wageningen, The Netherlands — Researchers from different disciplines can now combine data from a wide range of measurement systems with observational data in the today released The Observer® XT 10, the latest in behavioral research software. A large number of researchers, active in both animal and human observational research, consider The Observer XT the gold-standard of software for the collection, analysis, and presentation of observational data.

Noldus launches Russian website

12 April 2010

Noldus is proud to announce the Russian version of the website. This website will serve as an important information source for the Russian speaking community. Accurate information on all Noldus solutions and products is now available at the press of a button. The website also provides information on conferences in Russia and the most up-to-date information about product releases, and recent developments in behavioral research.

Three-day course in methods for studying animal behavior in Beijing filled to capacity

16 March 2010

With 60 participants attending last December’s course in animal behavior in Beijing, the interest was even greater than the organizers had hoped. People travelled from as far away as Hong Kong to attend this 3-day course. The participants were also very happy with it, with many giving it an above-average rating and not a single person giving it a poor rating. The content was a mixture of theory and hands-on. It covered the use of a wide variety of tools for measuring behavior including both manual and automatic ways to measure behavior.

New sociability cage: made for video tracking

15 March 2010

A complete solution for sociability tests with mice. That is what Noldus offers with the addition of their new three-chambered sociability cage. Made with clear acryllic walls, it is especially designed for optimal video tracking with EthoVision® XT. It also combines perfectly with the Multiple Body Points Module for detailed tracking of the mouse’s nose point, center point, and tail base, without the need for markers or sensors.