News 2000/ 2008

Noldus Information Technology leads international consortium to study human food choice in real-life contexts

11 March 2008

Wageningen - An international consortium led by Noldus Information Technology has started the ‘Inside Consumer Experience’ (ICE) project. The aim of the project is to develop novel instruments and mobile services for the objective measurement of food selection and consumption in real-life contexts. The 3-year project has a total budget of 1.9 million euro and is partly funded by the Dutch government’s Food & Nutrition Delta program.

New software update released: CatWalk version 7.1

10 October 2007

Today we announce the release of a new software update of CatWalk: version 7.1. CatWalk is our video-based system for advanced footprint analysis in rats and mice. The first version under the banner of Noldus Information Technology, version 7.0, was released late 2006 and already caused quite a stir amongst many researchers.

Version 7.1 contains a number of fixes and improvements in the software and is accompanied by a new reference manual. Both version 7.1 and the user manual can be downloaded for free from the CatWalk user section of our website. Some of the highlights are: 

Noldus Information Technology introduces FaceReader™: a revolutionary new tool for automatic analysis of facial expressions

4 October 2007

Noldus Information Technology, supplier of innovative software tools and integrated solutions for behavioral research, announces the release of a revolutionary new product: FaceReader™. FaceReader is the first automated software system capable of automatically detecting and analyzing human facial expressions. The product is poised to be a pioneering tool in a wide range of research disciplines including Human-Computer Interaction, Usability Testing, Market Research, Consumer Behavior, Psychology, and Education.

Build your own plug-ins for The Observer XT!

16 August 2007

Software developers can build their own plug-in components for The Observer XT with a Software Development Kit (SDK). The SDK is available free of charge from Noldus Support for customers who use version 7.0 with the Video Module. It contains documentation, code examples, and working plug-ins. Plug-in components can be used along with video recording and playback. The Observer XT sends video control commands and synchronization information to the plug-in.