The Observer XT

New in the latest release

What's new in the latest release

Scroll down to learn more about the latest The Observer XT (version 15). You can easily compare the functionality.


Improved video handling

The Observer XT offers several ways to control media playback. In version 15, the positioning of the slider when using long videos has been improved and we implemented smooth 4x playback speed.

The Observer XT rats videos  

GPS data import 5 decimals

It makes more sense to import GPS data with 5 decimals. Customer ideas for development are highly appreciated. This new function is one of the many improvements initiated by customer feedback.


Screenshot The Observer XT coding scheme rats

Simplify complex behaviors

When behavioral observations are at the core of your experiment, creating a good coding scheme (ethogram) is essential. Data out is only as good as the data entered in! Creating the ideal ethogram based on desired end points will save you time in the end. The Observer XT has several options to easily create and use a coding scheme. Ethograms range from a simple handful of behaviors (e.g. animal is on food source v. not on food source) to complex schemes (such as the full description of an aggressive interaction). 

Whatever your research aim is, our trained behavioral experts will be available to provide their expertise. Behaviors are annotated by a simple key press, and you can choose to annotate all behaviors during the observation period (continuous sampling) or only specific instances and subjects (instantaneous sampling). The coding scheme can be modified during observations, so if a behavior is erroneously left out, it can be added while you’re coding.


Multi-stream platform

With The Observer XT at the core of your lab, it is possible to automate the recording of multiple different data streams (e.g. physiology) along with live or off-line behavioral coding. You can also use The Observer XT to initiate and synchronize the starting of other programs or systems.


Integration with video tracking

If you want to combine your coded data with video tracking data, you can easily import data from EthoVision XT into The Observer XT, and vice versa, to visualize and analyze data streams alongside each other. This helps to, for example, analyze which specific behaviors were performed (The Observer XT data) when two animals were in close proximity (EthoVision XT data). You can also integrate ultrasonic vocalization data, captured with our UltraVox XT software.

heatmap t maze ethovision