The Observer XT

Set up your system

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Set up your system

Good and thorough preparations will provide you with better data and will save you time in the end. Together with our knowledgeable scientific sales consultants, you can design the research setup you need: select your hardware, get to know the software, and design an ethogram (coding scheme). 

With The Observer XT at the core of your lab, it is possible to automate the recording of various types of data along with live behavioral coding or to code off-line later. Decide on the following: modules you need, hardware or other software, and license structure. Check out our Software Development Kit for connecting custom software components and data interfaces. 


Ethogram / coding scheme

Designing an ethogram is a crucial step in behavioral research. The ethogram is the actual measuring instrument. Choices made at this stage determine what you can do with your data at later stages.

Screenshot The Observer XT coding scheme rats


The Base Module of The Observer XT allows for study setup, coding scheme design, live coding, offline editing, analysis, and presentation of behavioral data. Depending on your research needs, you can extend this basic system with different modules such as the Media Module or the External Data Module.

Wolf in forest

Customer quote

"The Observer XT helps us to assess our animal's welfare."

Dr. G. Kranendonk|Stichting AAP, Rescue Centre for Exotic Animals / Animal Advocacy and Protection, The Netherlands


Hardware and other software

You can benefit from our experience with different hardware set-ups ranging from video recording to interfacing with data acquisition systems, or synchronized starting of other programs or systems.

The Observer XT has been developed to enable advanced analysis of multimodal data in relation to observational data. This unique feature makes The Observer XT the most complete tool for behavioral research.

Screenshot The Observer XT beetles visualization

License structure

Either buy The Observer XT as one license with a dedicated hardware key to start the software or as a floating site license. The floating site license offers a number of significant benefits because of its focus on easy use, flexibility and efficiency.

  • No hardware key needed
  • Login at any time and anywhere in the building or on the campus
  • Work together on a research project
  • All users have the same version of the software and the same modules
  • Based on your needs

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Software Development Kit

This is a comprehensive documentation package for connecting custom software components and data interfaces. It helps you develop your own add-ons and interfaces. The Observer XT Software Development Kit is available free of charge for developers who want to build their own modules or interfaces with other systems.