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An overview of our tools for behavioral neuroscience in rodents.

Insect behavior research

Our portfolio of tools and solutions for entomologists.

Animal behavior research

A broad overview of our tools and solutions for the study of animals indoor or outdoor.

Zebrafish research

Our portfolio of tools and solutions for researchers studying zebrafish.



Here is a selection of recent papers that mention the use of The Observer XT (and in some cases Pocket Observer). If you feel your paper should be on this list, please let us know at

  • Sasaki, A.; McGowan, P.O.; Erb, S. (2018). A study of the effects ofr maternal high fat diet on behavioural responses to acute and repeated administrations of cocaine in rat offspring. Neuroscience Letters, 673, 157-162.
  • Zipp, K.A.; Barth, K.; Rommelfanger, E.; Knierim, U. (2018). Responses of dams versus non-nursing cows to machine milking in terms of milk performance, behaviour and heart rate with and without additional acoustic, olfactory or manual stimulation. Applied Animal Behaviour Science, 204, 10-17.
  • Santangelo, A.; Bortolato, M.; Mosher, L.J.; Crescimanno, G.; Di Giovanni, G.; Cassioli, E.; Ricca, V.; Casarrubea, M. (2018). Behavioral fragmentation in the D1CT-7 mouse model of Tourette's syndrome. CNS Neuroscience & Therapeutics, doi: 10.1111/cns.12789.

For more references, please check out Google Scholar.


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