9 reasons why you should use UltraVox XT in your lab

Here are 9 reasons why you need UltraVox XT in your lab:

  1. UltraVox XT is a compact, easy-to-use, and affordable solution.
  2. It captures the full spectrum of sound: you can use it to analyze anything from ultrasonic rat calls to bird songs to human vocalizations. 
  3. UltraVox XT works with a large range of microphones, such as the small and high-quality USB microphone from our assortment. You only need one for your test, but you can connect up to four for multiple recordings from different areas. 
  4. You get live, real-time feedback from your recordings. 
  5. This feedback is in both waveform and spectrogram form, so you can see, in detail, ‘what the sound looks like’.
  6. Easily find the calls you are interested in: select the criteria for amplitude, frequency, duration, and time gaps by filling in these numbers or selecting the type of call from the spectrogram. UltraVox XT will find all calls fitting those criteria automatically. 
  7. Within the program, UltraVox XT allows you to analyze your data using several statistical formats. You can also export the data in many forms, including PDF reports. 
  8. Vocalizations are a valuable parameter in behavioral research. UltraVox XT makes gathering this data very easy, and the data can be exported in The Observer XT- and EthoVision XT-compatible formats.  
  9. UltraVox XT is built on 20 years of experience, so you can count on a vast knowledge base and great (local) support.