• Track3D

Some studies require the tracking of a zebrafish in a three-dimensional space. Track3D offers just that, allowing you to record the movement of zebrafish in a tank and visualize the resulting trajectory in a three-dimensional image. It also allows you to calculate a number of movement parameters.


A typical Track3D experiment starts with video tracking the fish from two camera views using EthoVision XT. Track3D then processes this data to create 3D visualizations and statistics of the swimming pattern of fish.

For an accurate calculation of the 3D trajectory, it is essential to calibrate. This is because you are dealing with perspective and light refraction of the water. The Track3D system includes a custom calibration frame.


This video shows how Track3D visualizes and analyzes the circling behavior of zebrafish.



For more information on Track3D, please visit http://www.noldus.com/animal-behavior-research/products/track3d/track3d/fish