The Myers Neuro-Bahavioral Core Facility adds ErasmusLadder to their portfolio

The Myers Neuro-Behavioral Core Facility (Tel Aviv, Israel), recently purchased an ErasmusLadder for their growing motor section of the facility. 

Morgan Coburn wins an iPad!

At the Neuroscience 2016 meeting, there were some mice and rats on the loose… visitors could collect 9 magnets at booths of a group of partners. Posting a picture of all magnets with the right hashtags earned participants a chance to win an iPad, and Morgan Coburn was the lucky winner! 

Braynz chooses Noldus tools to improve their neuromarketing toolset

Noldus is proud that Braynz, a multidisciplinary team, specializing in neuromarketing and behavioral sciences, chooses to enhance and improve the power of their toolset for real-live and laboratory experiments for marketing applications. 

The SSRL of the University of Saskatchewan uses Noldus portable observation labs

Researchers of the Social Sciences Research Laboratories at the University of Saskatchewan hope to track young children’s language and writing development. The aim of the research is to improve literacy and educational achievement of children in rural and northern communities.


Autistic mice have motor learning difficulties specific to the cerebellum

Recently, two research groups investigated cerebellar Shank2 functioning in autism using ErasmusLadder.

Looking back at some amazing events in 2016

The past year we’ve attended a lot of events, released many products, and worked together with great scientists. We look back at a fantastic year and will continue this positive flow in 2017.

Investigating the relationships between the immune system and the brain

At the Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden, researchers aim to increase the knowledge and awareness of how sleep in the modern life affects our biology, cognition and health.

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EthoVision XT 12

The new EthoVision XT 12 is all about better detection and better data! It now offers Multiple body points tracking for zebrafish, a new body contact parameter, improved detection of all kinds of animals, and very powerful Free interval selection!

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The new version of our user-friendly software suite for audio and video recording, debriefing, and playback now includes the add-on User Management Module. It supplies each user with up-to-date information about invited sessions, recorded sessions, and much more. Privacy is ensured! Take a look at the ‘what's new page’ to learn more.

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The new MediaRecorder is now available! It is easy to use, provides accurate synchronization, high quality recordings at HD in MP4 format, and it is now possible to capture the full computer screen on which Media Recorder is installed! Read more on the product pages.

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17th Annual Meeting of the Society for Personality & Social Psychology (SPSP)

Meet us in booth #16 at the 17th Annual Meeting of the Society for Personality & Social Psychology (SPSP) in San Antonio, Texas, USA and learn more about our tools for psychology research.

17th Annual International meeting on Simulation in Healthcare 2017

Meet us at the 17th Annual International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) in Orlando, FL, USA and learn more about our tools for medical simulation research.

1st Italian Zebrafish Meeting 2017

Meet us at the 1st Italian Zebrafish Meeting in Padova, Italy and we can tell you all about our tools for zebrafish research.

UX Insight 2017

Meet us at UX Insight 2017 in The Fabrique in Utrecht, The Netherlands and learn more about our tools for your User eXperience research.

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18 Reasons why The Observer XT is the most powerful integration platform

Perform superior behavior recording and analysis by using The Observer XT to keep all your data in sync. More than 20,000 professionals around the world are using The Observer XT for advancing their research. Are you next?

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Customer Story - Boeing Apache simulator systems integration

For the second time, Boeing and Noldus have partnered to work on the integration, testing, and validation of a simulator system in order to test effects of new and innovative Boeing developments on workload and impact on pilot behavior. During this project, the Noldus solution was integrated with the high-fidelity Apache AH D/E simulator system at Boeing.
Noldus integrated lab software and equipment is used to record behavior in great detail. Researchers look at minute eye gaze changes, hand gestures, and emotions of infants while they are observing a moral dilemma or social interaction, which is usually depicted in a puppet show. The purpose of their research is to understand how infants reason about their surrounding environment.

Insights into consumer choice behavior

Noldus delivers detailed insights into consumer choice behavior. By leveraging our experienced consultants, Noldus presents our partners with powerful means to understanding the journey through the “Moments of Truth”: the key points where customers make the decision of what to purchase.

Morris water maze

A popular test for spatial learning and memory is the Morris water maze. Noldus offers you the perfect tools for this test.


Automatically and non-invasively investigate motor learning and performance in mice with ErasmusLadder. It is especially interesting for researchers that study the cerebellum, cerebellar disorders, and ataxia (e.g. Parkinson’s models). In addition is has been proven useful in mouse models of autism.