Excellent integration of different data streams empowers UX researchers to make validated decisions! The new Customer Experience Centre, in short cXcentre, installed by Noldus at Aegon in The Hague, The Netherlands will enable Aegon to evaluate and discuss the accessibility and user-friendliness of their services.

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Movement analysis in volleyball

When analyzing movement in sports, there is more that matters than the way players handle their rackets or hockey sticks.

How to measure a zebrafish larva’s highly stereotyped response to water motion?

At the Max Planck Institute in Germany, Groneberg and colleagues researched one of the neural bases for behavior in Danio rerio. They showed that larval zebrafish execute approach reactions followed by a form of positive taxis and gradual motion damping in response to water flows. That might sound complicated, but what it basically means is that zebrafish larvae are able to detect minute movement in the water and respond in a stereotypical way.

Alcohol makes men smile

Researcher Catherine Fairbairn and colleagues observed drinking behavior in a social context. They set out to investigate the relationship between drinking an alcoholic beverage in a group and the level of emotional contagion (spreading of smiles).

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Mouse Behavior Recognition

We are excited to present you with our brand new module for the automatic recognition of mouse behaviors! Similar to Rat Behavior Recognition, this tool identifies ten specific behabiors, including digging, grooming, rearing, and sniffing.



The Observer XT

What’s new in version 12.5? It offers you: easier coding with fixed interval loops; full integration with Noldus’ Viso - the multi-video, multi-room recording suite and Noldus’ UltraVox XT which analyzes sound, including ultrasonic vocalizations made by rodents, enhanced external data import, and even more powerful data analysis.

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5th Annual SimGHOSTS USA 2015

Meet us at the 5th Annual SimGHOSTS USA at Cedars-Sinai, Los Angeles and we can talk about tools and services for medical simulation research.

11th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium 2015

From 23 to 27 August, come and join us at booth 3 and find out what we have to offer for your consumer and sensory research!

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Boeing AH-64 D/E Apache simulator systems integration

For the second time, Boeing and Noldus have partnered to work on the integration, testing, and validation of a simulator system in order to test effects of new and innovative Boeing developments on workload and impact on pilot behavior. During this project, the Noldus solution was integrated with the high-fidelity Apache AH D/E simulator system at Boeing.

FaceReader Online

Do you want to offer your client, internal or external, the best and most reliable techniques for remote measurement of appreciation, acceptance, preference, and so on? FaceReader Online is the user-friendly online facial expression analysis service that you can now incorporate in your market research.

Insights into consumer choice behavior

Noldus delivers detailed insights into consumer choice behavior. By leveraging our experienced consultants, Noldus presents our partners with powerful means to understanding the journey through the “Moments of Truth”: the key points where customers make the decision of what to purchase.

Simulation in healthcare

A simulated operating room provides a secure environment for training and evaluation: new protocols or high-tech tools can be tested, different scenarios can be simulated, and group dynamics can be studied in great detail.

Morris water maze

A popular test for spatial learning and memory is the Morris water maze. Noldus offers you the perfect tools for this test.