Noldus Information Technology develops innovative solutions for behavioral research on humans and animals. These can vary from industry standard software packages and lab equipment to fully integrated observation labs including training and support. With almost 25 years of experience we translate your questions into practical and proven solutions and services. By executing consulting projects such as recording videos, coding behaviors, and performing data analysis, Noldus’ consultants add value to your research project.
Latest Release

DanioScope is the latest addition to our product range. It is a software tool to perform all kinds of measurements on zebrafish embryos and larvae, such as heartbeat monitoring, convulsive behavior, flow, and morphology. Based on video files and still images, it is non-invasive and
easy to use. There is no necessity
for fluorescence labelling.

Observe-behaviorFaceReader 6
FaceReader™ 6 is the premier professional software for automatic analysis of 6 basic facial expressions (happy, sad, scared, disgusted, surprised, and angry), as well as classifying neutral and now contempt. FaceReader 6 also provides gaze direction, head orientation, and person characteristics, such as gender and age. Detailed analysis of facial action units is also available. The software immediately analyzes your data (live, video, or still images) saving valuable time. It’s available as software, but also as an online application. Read on to learn more about the new features version 6 offers you.

Noldus Newsline

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Neuroscience 2014 Satellite Symposium
Register now! The Autism-Like Behaviors in Rodent Models satellite symposium will feature leading experts in the field of Autism Spectrum Disorders that will discuss their latest developments and techniques for revealing the behavioral components in rodent models for ASD. The symposium is chaired by Dr. Mu Yang, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, University of California Davis School of Medicine, U.S.A. Registration is free of charge. Space is limited, so please register early. Refreshments will be served.

In the Spotlight

Physiological measurement systems
While you are collecting observational data, you can simultaneously acquire physiological data, such as EEG, ECG, EMG, blood pressure, or skin conductance. Noldus also offers several data acquisition systems from world-class suppliers. You can benefit from synchronous recordings of physiological data, video, and behavior.

Eye trackers add substantial power to your lab set up. They produce gaze video and large quantities of rich data, all related to attention and emotion. Take advantage of our experience and knowledge: as we often integrate eye trackers into lab set-ups, we can help you find the eye tracker that works best for you.

Noldus InnovationWorks
Noldus InnovationWorks is the research and innovation laboratory of Noldus Information Technology. It serves as an incubator where novel technologies, concepts and product prototypes are researched, developed, field-tested and commercialized.

Simulation in healthcare
A simulated operating room provides a secure environment for training and evaluation: new protocols or high-tech tools can be tested, different scenarios can be simulated, and group dynamics can be studied in great detail.

Morris water maze
A popular test for spatial learning and memory is the Morris water maze. Noldus offers you the perfect tools for this test.