KPN uses Viso in Experience Lab

Telecom and IT service provider KPN, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, has chosen to use Viso in their Experience Lab, where they invite their customers in an early stage of the development of new services. With Viso at the core of their lab, KPN strengthens their usability and customer insights research. Read their story to find out the details.

SMI eye tracking – important information

In the recent years, we have been a partner of SMI and we have sold SMI eye tracking equipment as part of our integrated solutions. Following recent re-shaping of SMI business in a changing market environment, SMI will be focusing on another significant project and so are phasing out the SMI product portfolio. Here is what is important for you to know..


Upcoming Zebrafish conferences and meetings in 2017/2018

There are plenty of conferences dedicated to zebrafish and their role in behavioral research. These zebrafish conferences are coming up in 2017 and 2018.

Video recording medical trainees who are interrupted during a complex task

Interruptions in your work have a negative effect on completing your tasks correctly. Jones and her team examined the impact of clinical interruptions on simulated trainee performances during central venous catheterization.

In home study of elderly people

Older people are healthier these days and like to live in their own homes as long as possible. As a result, the need for home care services is increasing.

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EthoVision XT 13.0

The new EthoVision XT allows you to annotate any behavior you’d like with the fully functional, built-in Manual Event Recorder. You can even use scored events for trail and hardware control!

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The Observer XT 14.0

The new version of The Observer XT, the powerful integration platform to synchronize your behavioral data, is now available! Behavior, physiological responses, and more can be studied together. With The Observer XT we focus on ease of use, flexibility, and efficiency.

Human behavior | Animal behavior


With Viso, you can make independent recordings in multiple rooms at once, to gain insights into processes, human performance, and communication. Learn more about all the benefits, such as remotely-controlled PTZ cameras, immediately available videos for playback from any location for debriefing, and the new graphical timeline on the Viso website.

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International Ataxia Research Conference IARC 2017

Come visit us at the International Ataxia Research conference IARC 2017 to learn more about behavioral research tools and services!

17 National Congress of the Spanish Society of Neuroscience 2017

Join us at the 17 National Congress of the Spanish Society of Neuroscience 2017, Alicante, Spain. We look forward to meeting you there!

3rd Zebrafish for Personalized/ Precision Medicine Conference 

Noldus is excited to be exhibiting at the 3rd Zebrafish for Personalized/Precision Medicine Conference, Toronto, Canada. Join us there and come and find out what we have to offer for your research!

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18 Reasons why The Observer XT is the most powerful integration platform

Perform superior behavior recording and analysis by using The Observer XT to keep all your data in sync. More than 20,000 professionals around the world are using The Observer XT for advancing their research. Are you next?

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What is Noldus Consulting

Noldus Consulting reveals unconscious consumer behavior by interpreting individual actions. This information is collected via modern technology such as video cameras, eye tracking, and biometrics. Watch the video to learn more!


TrackLab is the integrated system for intelligent track analysis. Used by researchers in medical simulation research, consumer behavior studies, and animal husbandry - it is versatile and can be applied to answer many research questions.

Morris water maze

A popular test for spatial learning and memory is the Morris water maze. Noldus offers you the perfect tools for this test.


Automatically and non-invasively investigate motor learning and performance in mice with ErasmusLadder. It is especially interesting for researchers that study the cerebellum, cerebellar disorders, and ataxia (e.g. Parkinson’s models). In addition is has been proven useful in mouse models of autism.