The basic The Observer XT system offers the solution for live coding and data analysis. You can extend this basic system with up to five modules, whatever suits your research needs. 

Advanced Analysis Module

This module allows you to perform two extra types of analysis: 1) reliability analysis - calculate various statistics such as Cohen's Kappa, percentage agreement and disagreement, and Pearson's rho, 2) lag sequential analysis - create transition matrixes based on the logged data 

Media Module

Ideal for playing two video files and/or two audio files. And you can easily create a video highlights clip. 

Multiple Media Module

Extend the number of media files to four at a time. Larger numbers are possible with a customized version of this module. 

External Data Module

The External Data Module supports the import of data from a wide range of data acquisition systems. It accurately synchronizes concurrent acquired data of external data acquisition systems. You can combine and analyze physiological signals with the behavioral data, video, and audio. The Observer XT has been developed to enable advanced analysis of multimodal data in relation to observational data. This unique feature makes The Observer XT the most complete tool for behavioral research. 

Software Development Kit

A comprehensive documentation package for connecting custom software components and data interfaces. It helps you develop your own add-ons and interfaces. Please find more information here.