We all use tracking systems in many ways, from car navigation systems, to GPS in our smart phones. Recent technological developments make it possible to measure and analyze location data for a wide variety of research purposes. We now have the solution that can provide all the information you need about the location of your subjects: TrackLab!

Whether you work on consumer behavior research, visitor behavior studies, spatial cognition, behavioral ecology, wildlife or farm animals, or develop interactive systems, TrackLab will aid you in your work. Our solutions include a wide range of indoor and outdoor tracking systems, such as GPS, Ultra Wide Band, video tracking and stereo camera sensors.

Tracking with TrackLab.

What does it do?

TrackLab is our new tool for recognition and analysis of spatial behavior and the design of interactive systems. It allows you to work with any number of subjects, in any spatial context, and includes integrated tracking using the type of positioning system best suited to your needs. Taking advantage of our 25+ years’ experience in trajectory analysis and the increasing availability of different tracking technologies, TrackLab is the versatile workbench for all your studies on movement and location, and the design of location-based systems and services.

How does it work?

TrackLab will aid you in the complete process of your work on spatial behavior. After we help you decide on the most suitable tracking technology, TrackLab lets you import the collected track data in real-time or offline. The data can then be visualized, processed and analyzed. Furthermore, you can create interactive systems that respond in real-time to the location or spatial behavior of subjects being tracked. TrackLab guides you through all steps of your research: 

  • Collecting data - indoor and outdoor
  • Importing and visualizing data
  • Creating user-defined regions and classifiers
  • Generating real time feedback
  • Analysis

More information on each step can be found here.

Integrated solutions

We can provide end-to-end solutions based on TrackLab. By doing this you do not have to worry about compatibility of components or about the installation of the system. After installation of the system you will be trained in how to use the software, enabling you to optimally benefit from the TrackLab setup. You can also use TrackLab in combination with The Observer XT for enhanced analysis and visualization. Synchronization is straight forward and fast using our new viewer plugin. However, should you already have your own tracking device, you can also purchase just the TrackLab software by itself.