The PhenoWheel is a running wheel that, combined with EthoVision XT and the Trial & Hardware Control Module, measures the activity of the mouse while it is inside the running wheel. It can be placed inside any PhenoTyper basic or home cage and is designed to be connected to EthoVision XT with a USB-IO box.

The PhenoWheel is designed for mice and can be placed inside the PhenoTyper. 
Connected to this counter module, the activity can be measured with EthoVision XT software and this data can be integrated with tracking data. 

The activity in the running wheel is measured by means of a magnet and a magnetic sensor; the counter module counts the number of rotations and sends this information to the EthoVision XT software. Furthermore, you can use EthoVision XT to measure the amount of time spent in the running wheel. The data from the PhenoWheel counter module can also be used as conditions in test protocols that are executed by EthoVision XT's Trial & Hardware Control Module.


Technical specifications


Running wheel: 15.0 cm diameter (5.9")

Walking surface: solid, 7.5 cm (3.0")

Counter module: 0.80 x 0.45 x 0.21 cm (0.32" x 0.18" x  0.08")


Running wheel: light blue acrylic, IR translucent

Mounting: stainless steel

Power supply counter module12-24 V DC
Current consumptionStandby 20 mA

To USB-IO box: RJ45 8 pin modular

To magnetic sensor: Molex MiniFit jr. 2 pin