12 reasons why you should use DanioVision

  1. Optimal lighting for video tracking

    In contrast to other commercially available systems, there is no over or underestimation of animal movement due to bad detection. The DanioVision Observation Chamber has a backlit plate holder that is designed to create even lighting across all wells. An important feature as it prevents both differences in contrast in outer versus inner wells, and shadows caused by uneven lighting. 

  2. Distortion free image of each well

    DanioVision also has a unique optical design to prevent angular distortion in the video image of the outer wells. Rather than using fragile mirrors, we designed a robust and compact system that provides a straight view into each well. The Fresnel lens does not affect the quality of your video because it does not magnify the image, instead it directs more light straight into the camera. 

  3. High quality camera and video storage

    Another key ingredient is the high quality camera. Perfect in resolution, shutter speed, and frame rate for recording the fast “burst-like” movement of zebrafish larvae. It prevents the animal looking like a blurry streak in the video, so there is no misinterpretation of activity.
    Videos are recorded in MPG format with medium compression for high quality videos without loss of information. Other systems use little or no compression, but DanioVision facilitates long term recordings without running into storage problems.

    single zebrafish
  4. Actually measures animal activity

    Most other systems rely on detecting general pixel-based changes. DanioVision uses a much more accurate method: EthoVision XT video tracking detects the whole animal in each video frame, finds its center point, and tracks variables such as velocity and distance moved from frame to frame. 

  5. Infrared based tracking

    Infrared (IR) lighting combined with the IR-sen-sitive camera allows for tracking in the dark. In contrast to other systems, the wavelength of this IR light is not visible to zebrafish, so it will not bias your measurements. Using IR light also makes sure that the white light you might use for a day/night rhythm or as stimulus, does not influence your tracking.

  6. All-in-one solution

    DanioVision is a complete plug-and-play solution, based on an Observation Chamber and full license of EthoVision XT video tracking software. We have several add-on options to make sure you get an all-in-one solution that is perfectly suited for your experiments. The DanioVision Observation Chamber also allows for customization with other stimuli.

  7. Temperature control and protection against overheating

    The Observation Chamber combined with the Temperature Control Unit allows to you to accurately and safely control the temperature in longer studies. The temperature is measured around the well plate for high accuracy. 

    DanioVision EthoVision integrated
  8. Automation and standardized protocols

    Stimuli in the Observation Chamber, such as lights, tapping stimuli, or optogenetics, are configured, controlled, and logged by EthoVision XT, which also allows for easy automated data analysis. No need for extra software or manual interference.

  9. Software for all your experiments

    The included EthoVision XT full license can be used for other experiments with adult fish (such as in a T-maze or novel tank diving), or even other species such as rodents. As a result, you can get a lot of extra use out of your license. (EthoVision XT also includes free analysis on an unlimited number of computers.)

  10. Catered to zebrafish larvae studies

    EthoVision XT has a specially designed DanioVision mode, including easy experiment setup, optimal detection settings, and elaborate analysis options. You can use or tweak our predefined templates or reuse your settings from previous experiments.

    DanioVision Observation Chamber Lens Optical System
  11. Highly validated tools

    The numbers say it all: we have over 30 years of experience in video tracking zebrafish and zebrafish larvae. EthoVision XT video tracking is used in more than 2,500 labs worldwide and validated in over 10,000 publications. We have installed more than 400 DanioVision systems.

  12. Use across species

    While originally designed for zebrafish larvae, DanioVision is suitable for all small organisms such as insects and (aquatic) invertebrates, in any type of multi-well plate, petri dish, or other small container. Again, the design assures even lighting for accurate video tracking across the testing arena(s).

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