Computer, video, and audio systems

Noldus has a solid reputation for the wide selection of computer components that comprise our field of proven hardware set-ups. We are continuously striving to help you achieve your research goals by offering turn-key solutions.

Video observation

Even as technology rapidly advances, we always try to incorporate the latest tools into our solutions. Our knowledge and experience in video observation will help you choose the best solution to conduct your observations, even under the most challenging conditions. The list below is static, so if you are interested in a new kind of camera for your Noldus solution, and it is not yet included in this list, please contact one of our sales consultants.

Data integration

Purchase a complete solution from Noldus, and you are guaranteed a perfectly working set-up, avoiding time consuming technical issues. If you want to use one of our software products in combination with another computer, please refer to the technical specifications of your Noldus software for compatibility. Request technical specifications here.

Record all your data in sync with just one push of a button.


You can order your Noldus software product separately, or in a complete lab that includes computers, microphones, and cameras. The computers we supply are Dell workstation computers designed to do processor-intensive video work. They are selected, configured for, and thoroughly tested with our software.

With our Portable Labs we supply Dell laptops. A Portable Lab is a compact and complete solution for behavioral research.  Purchase a complete solution from Noldus, and you are guaranteed a perfectly working set-up, avoiding time consuming technical issues. If you want to use one of our software products in combination with another computer, please refer to the technical specifications of your Noldus software for compatibility.

Handheld computers

We offer several tablets for coding behavior on the go. Pocket Observer is software that runs on a tablets or smartphone. When using an Android platform 2.2 or higher, this event recording tool can be used - attracting not nearly as much attention as a clipboard. Rugged handheld computers can withstand high humidity and extreme environmental temperatures and are suitable for observing behavior outdoors.


Are you looking for tools that will make coding more efficient and at the same time, help prevent coding errors? We offer an entire range of keyboards to make observing and logging of behaviors along with positioning and controlling of videos much easier. Select the keyboard that suits your needs best and discover how it enables you to code more accurately and effectively. These keyboards are part of our integrated solutions for observational research. We can take care of installation of the complete solution and assist you in programming the keyboards in order to achieve the best performance for your application.

  • The keyboards are multifunctional: you can use them as a replacement or in combination with your standard keyboard.
  • Special programming options allow you to set your keys for single or multiple keystrokes. For example, code subjects, behaviors, and modifier combinations with one key press.
  • Color or text labels make all your keys unique.
  • Keypads are available with 15 programmable keys.


There are many different types of cameras, and choosing the right type of camera for your research is vital for reliable observations. That is why our specialists can advise you about the right camera, lenses, and lighting for your research project. We offer a broad range of color and black and white video cameras and several of our black and white cameras are infrared (IR) sensitive.

IP cameras

IP cameras can be plugged into, and remotely controlled via an existing network. This gives you the advantage of using an existing infrastructure, eliminating cable length issues. IP cameras are suitable for use with both The Observer® XT and FaceReader™.

Analog cameras

Many laboratories come equipped with analog cameras, which is why we make our products compatible with this hardware. Analog cameras are reliable and come in a large variety and cabling length has virtually no maximum, making it a practical choice in many circumstances.

Firewire cameras

FireWire cameras allow you to record video in compressed formats without any additional hardware. This makes them a good alternative to analog cameras. FireWire cameras are generally suitable for high frame rates and resolutions, enabling highly accurate synchronization. The fact that you need no additional hardware makes this an easy and cost-effective solution.

USB cameras

If you do not require high resolution video material, USB cameras can be an inexpensive and practical solution. No additional hardware is needed to compress video. Multiple video streams can be used in The Observer XT. USB cameras are also suitable for use with FaceReader.

Hard disk camcorders

Hard disk camcorders record video in a digital media format. You can copy these files directly to your computer hard drive and code them with The Observer XT, making them very practical for field work. When using hard disk camcorders, you do not need additional equipment and there is no need to convert your recordings from hard disk or memory sticks when using them with The Observer XT. For use in FaceReader, a software tool is needed for converting and splitting the camera signal.

High speed cameras

High speed cameras allow you to record videos of fast moving activity, and code behavior in high detail afterwards. When creating a video file with high speed cameras you are not limited to the standard 25 or 30 frames/second time resolution. The Observer XT simply uses the video file and processes it frame by frame.

Combine multiple video feeds

If you want to record from multiple cameras simultaneously, you can use the MediaRecorder. This is a software tool that enables synchronous video recordings from up to eight different sources. The video files from the different cameras can be stored separately or combined into one video file. The MediaRecorder is easy to use, versatile, and it enables you to make high quality recordings. It is compatible with both The Observer XT and FaceReader, and a broad range of cameras, making it ideal for detailed offline accurate coding.

Superior sound recording

Whatever your requirements, we design and configure recording systems with the right type of microphone, amplifier, mixer, and speaker set. We also include a lab intercom which allows you to communicate from the control room with the test participants in the lab. Each type of experiment has its own sound recording requirements. Your test participant may be close by or far away, moving freely around or staying at one place. There may be one or multiple test participants, or the acoustics of your lab may influence recording quality. Taking into account all these factors and more, we are able to provide the solution that meets your specific requirements best.

Preferred suppliers

All our solutions are assembled using top quality equipment without sacrificing the price-quality ratio. By working with reputable manufacturers, we can offer lengthy support and, if needed, replacement of parts for all our solutions. We are continuously looking for the latest hardware innovations to keep our solutions on pace with technological developments. Some of our preferred suppliers include:

  • Dell computers and laptops
  • Hewlett Packard PDA’s
  • Psion Teklogix rugged handheld computers
  • Sennheiser microphones
  • Canon cameras
  • Basler Vision Technologies cameras
  • Axis IP cameras
  • Panasonic cameras
  • Bosch cameras